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Last month’s Shout was a bit different due to the disaster in Japan. The following are some responses from the last issue:




cocobaby_84“I have a friend named NH4OH who is from Germany who has been my friend every since the day I joined on my ps3. I have another friend named jah_bolic who is from France who I have also met on my first day on the ps3. They are both are such wonderful guys and the most friendliest people that you could ever meet. They made me feel at ease and when I had troubles with the outside world, they helped me through it. I remember jah_bolic saying, “Nikki learn some french so we can speak it together.” I love my German friend’s accent. When he says Ja, it sounds awesome! I also have a friend in Japan who got out ok so I’m thankful for that. Of course Luvibunni who is from Great Britain. She’s been my best friend and a sister-like figure to me for over a year. I’m really grateful to have met such wonderful people. Of course there are more, but then I would take up this whole page lol. Thanks for having my comment. Everyone have a great day.”


From xxj3rri3xx (Jerry):


“As everyone knows I treasure my friends most of all here and around the world. When one meets misfortune we in the community are affected in one way or another so we do are very best to comfort them as we can. I like most have a friend in Japan and I keep in touch with her to let her know that she is not alone. I hope everyone is doing the same and letting them know that our prayers are with them always. So Mote It Be”


From Cipher:

DEMON LORD“The friend i have made that is farthest from me is Legolas. He lives in Germany and we have been friends for a little over a year. We met while playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 online and i was trying to speak german to him (key word trying). I still play with him even today and am still learning German from him. He is a true gamer he has many platinums and dont let campers stop him. Er ist ein gut freund.”


Thank you all for your comments. 🙂


For this month’s Shout, I’d like to give a Shout out to our Founder, The Director aka DOD. Or as I like to call him, “Doddsy”.  Without his pursuit of perfection, we would not be in the position we are now. Where are we now you ask? We won the Aliens Vs. Androids – Fight for Freedom contest, which is currently playing at the Loot Space Station Theatre. Then we came out with Voice Commands for the Novus Prime Space, which is also currently playing. Just recently, we released in the Community Theatre, The Spotlight, featuring the Who’s Who of Home. was also mentioned in the official PlayStation Blog  as being “The most talented members of the PlayStation Home community.” We are now authorized to carry the PlayStation Home Logo.

Is it going to stop there? Of course not. There are plenty more coming. Stick around and you will see.  All we have to say is… Kudos to you, sir. Kudos.


For this past month, all I can say is… WOW. What happened? As you all may be aware, PlayStation Network has been offline, due to an external hack to the network. I’ve been a member of the new PSN since 2009, and the past PlayStation Underground since 2003. This is the longest I’ve personally seen this kind of outage of the network. There was a time last year during the leap year bug, when it was down  for a day or two for some members. But that resolved itself after the calendar changed.

We all have friends on Home, or on PSN for gaming. During the outage we all have to resort back to single player gaming. I sometimes think it is a good thing to get back to the roots of gaming. Even just playing to get that elusive Platinum trophy. When I am playing single player games I wonder, “How are my PSN friends doing? And what are they doing?” For myself, I have a few that I chat with, either through e-mail, the PlayStation forums, or other means of communication.

What about for all of you out there?

  • When the network is down, what games do you play and why? Are you trying to level up, or are you playing just for fun and keep from boredom?

  • How are you keeping in touch with your Home or gaming friends? Are you using PSTalent messaging or chat? Perhaps another site like the PSN forums, Skype, or maybe a different chat tool or instant messaging?


Thanks! We are looking forward to all of your responses!

  1. oldcatsrock 13 years ago

    Yup, Still waiting !!
    I’m out… Bye !

  2. sha 13 years ago

    Woot cocobaby_84(nicole) I just saw you shout and its great that you 1st friend was german im german and i can speak it. ;D

  3. Author
    CORISUcat-Publicity 13 years ago

    Thank you for posting everyone! I really enjoy reading through these comments!
    I know this month’s edition has not been posted yet and you’re all waiting patiently for it. There’s no definitive time yet but it’s coming soon!
    Out of curiosity, what do you all want to read about? Specifically Home stuff? Games? Fashion? Fams? Feel free to continue posting here for the moment and share your thoughts!
    (^.^) / ~CC~

  4. Trisha 13 years ago

    I got Mortal Kombat right before the outage started and so I was playing that offline during the outage. I also bought Portal 2 during the outage because I heard from some people say it was a good game, even though I had never played the 1st one. My favorite game is still NBA 2k11 and since my Dallas Mavs were in the playoffs (and now 201NBA Champions WOOT WOOT!) during the outage, I was itching to play that game a lot too lol.

    I was able to keep in touch with many of my PSN friends thru Twitter and still do. In fact, I made a lot of new friends thru Twitter during the outage. Others I kept in touch thru other forum sites that I am currently member of (prior to joining PS Talent a couple days ago). And still others I kept in touch with via email.

    My real life is always quite busy with work, school, raising a 3 yr old daughter and taking care of my family, so I always had things to occupy my time, even during the long PSN outage, but of course it has been great to have it back so I can play online again and socialize with my PSN friends and fam. ^__^

  5. dirtysocks12345 13 years ago

    Over the outage I usually played Midnight Club: LA. i got at least 10-12 trophies. It got boring. But I somewhat kept intouch with my PSN friends. Most of them are my friends in real life. So that was my PS3 time.

  6. Zal 13 years ago

    Let’s see… What did I do during the outage? Collected trophies I guess. Bought at least 2 new games to hold me over. Nier, which I thought was pretty unique and fun, and CoD: Black Ops. But that game my brother was more into. The two games I enjoyed playing was Nier and Castlevania. Castlevania was another good one. I haven’t played it in so long I forgot how enjoyable it was. Sure the story almost seemed cliche but overall the plot line, that reached to the climax, is what I found very creative. Hell, I didn’t see the final villain coming until near the end. It certainly caught me by surprise.

    But I digress. I think during the outage I made good use of doing some trophy hunting and helping my family organization a little more. Quite frankly, I thought it was a nice break for all of us. ^^ I mean…in some beneficial kind of way of doing other productive things of course. Gave us all some time off to immerse ourselves in other luxuries other than on Home. =)

  7. I am currently 3 trophies away from platinuming Heavy Rain. I have recently bought the Mortal Kombat game which btw I am trying to platinum. I’ve been chatting with friends on PSTalent, Skype, Facebook, MSN, and also Yahoo. Just because the PSN is down doesn’t mean I will let it stop me from trying to keep in touch with my good friends. 🙂

  8. oldcatsrock 13 years ago

    Heya every one,
    I just figured I’d pop in, And let ya’ll know what Iv’e bee playing. For starters Iv’e been hooked on GT5, And have been playing it even more since I got a wheel for it. I also picked up playing Modnation Racers again. I love the ability to create my own drivers and tracks. I have also been dabbling a bit more with the Move, By playing Sports Champions, And just recently got Playstation Move Heroes, And lastly I just got the Tomb Raider Trilogy. So far Iv’e been having a blast playing them all.

  9. deadlyassassin 13 years ago

    im playing ac2. trying to get all trophies, i also luv to play svr11 and mk

  10. Cipher 13 years ago

    I play SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 with it down almost got Platinum in one of them. and it aint really fun without my friends on PSN because there aint anyone whos butt i can kick online since no one else has a ps3 in my house or even knows how to use one. And as for Friends. Im able to keep in touch with my gf by texting, facebook, and skype. Nikki, Danni, Kitty, and DoD by Facebook and some of them by Skype and PS Talent. some of them at school. and some i haven’t talked to since the PSN went down.

  11. serenitly 13 years ago

    i would have to agree with mika! i have been playing for fun and level up cause while home was up and running i been on there like a drug addicted lol but now i play sonci god war2 is pretty good and god father is awesome give me chance to earn my trophies i was 33% but know i am 50% so awesome home is like drug to all that play it n without junky fix they go thru with draw i seen and read so mean ass shit on psblog i called the withdraw attack lol here how i handle it if they working around clock u mine well say hey sony catch that clock lol

  12. Villa (Awesome Person) 13 years ago

    It’s nice how the internet can bring people together. :3 Too bad PSN is down…. >>

  13. Author
    CORISUcat-Publicity 13 years ago

    Sometimes good games are fun to play 100 times. ~_o

  14. Author
    CORISUcat-Publicity 13 years ago

    Perfect time for new games. LOL Thanks Mika!

  15. Mark 13 years ago

    Hmmm over my break from psn ive played alot of older games, like Juiced2 and The Darkness. I also replayed Black Ops story and zombies like 100 times lol.

  16. Mika 13 years ago

    As you girls and guys might know already i’ve been busy playing the first lady of exploreing Ms. Lara Croft wow! what fun great value for your money getting the trilogy but ooh wait Ms.Joanna Dark has just brought to my attention and new lara coming soon great:) other than Twitter and FB plus my site YPSH and Pstalent i’ve been okay during this suffering. Thanks shout for listening to me complain.

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