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Hey PS Talent! My name is Trisha aka TBaby. I have been a member of PST almost a year now, joining at the end of June last year. For those of you who are new to PST, please know this is an amazing organization which contributes greatly to the PS Home Community. Existing members, you already know what I am talking about. I hope you all are as excited as I am about the exciting upcoming opportunities here!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know people here, make new friends, and work together on various projects.  I am extremely proud to be a member of PST and have the upmost respect for the Director and all the staff here.  We really are a talented group of individuals here, each of us contributing to the overall success of many different projects.  We have a unique blend of personalities, but we all share a common goal to use our talents to give back to the PS Home Community, which has been so good to us.

In getting to know many of the members here, it is always interesting to find out what we are doing in our real lives as well as our virtual ones as many of the talents are skills that we use for PST come from our everyday lives. I myself have been a promotional model in Dallas for the past 8 years and a recent SMU MBA graduate. I’m 27 years old, the mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter, love video games, and of course PS Home.  Some of you may already know, but I have entered Maxim’s Gamer Girl contest.  The winner of the competition will be featured in the magazine and have the chance to be a spokes model for Virgin Gaming.  Needless to say, I thought this was a great opportunity for me.

As a fellow PST member, I am asking for your votes and support as I am trying to represent the entire Home community in the competition. As far as I have seen, there are no other contestants representing PS Home or any organization therein. I know that some of you have already started to vote for me and support me and I wanted to thank you for that.  I have recently reached enough votes to stay on the Top Girls page, i.e. the 1st page of girls with the most votes.  But the contest is far from over.  This is just the 1st round as Maxim will be picking the top girls to advance to the next round from which an overall winner will be selected by judges.  So I really need your vote to get to the top 3 contestants for round 2.

Click to vote!One thing about PST being a tight knit group is the support we show each other for various causes or campaigns.  I remember last year when a few of us (including myself) were seeking for donations for the Extra-Life charity, and the support we got here.  The same goes for The Tester, when we had some of our members trying to rally for votes.  And here is yet another opportunity in which I hope we can show the unity and strength of our organization in supporting one of its members.  I sincerely promise to do my best to represent Home to the best of my ability.  I am thankful for all my opportunities that PS Talent has given me as a member and I am asking for your vote for me to be Maxim’s 1st Gamer Girl. Click here to vote!

Much love to you all,


  1. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    It’s the last week of the contest & I have passed 2000 votes! Thanks so much for all your support. It truly means a lot to me! Please keep those votes coming & help me make this final week count! Check out my video on the site as well as some updated pics. Muahz! 😀

  2. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Only 7 more days left to vote, including today, and I’m closing in on 2000 votes! Please help me get there soon! Just click on the link at the top of my page on the site to go to my voting page. Here are a couple of vids in case you haven’t seen them yet. Thank you for all your support! 😀

  3. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Here my submission video for the contest explaining why I think I should be Maxim’s 1st Gamer Girl. I tried to upload it to the site, but kept getting errors :/

  4. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Before making my video for the Maxim site, I wanted to make a quick one for PST to thank yall for supporting me in the contest. Thanks yall and please keep those votes coming! 😀

  5. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Sorry I haven’t posted anything here in a while, but now that I am done with school I should have some more time. I will be making a video of myself soon for the contest so be on the look out for that! TY for all your votes and continued support! 😀

  6. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Just checked the vote count and looks like I’m almost at 900 votes. wowzerz.

    Thank you all for your votes and continued support! 😀

  7. The Director 8 years ago

    You’re welcome! *uses his gold megaphone … Vote for Tbaby! – Does cartwheel*

  8. Author
    Trisha 8 years ago

    Thank you Director for publishing this page! 😀

    Hope everyone at PS Talent is having a great day! I just checked and I currently have 673 votes, so I’m closing in on 700. I just updated my blog on my voting page with a special thanks to Director for helping to support me in this contest and I hope to get more votes from my fellow members at PST. Feel free to leave comments on this page too.

    Thank you all for your votes and continued support! 😀

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