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Director’s Commentary – PSTalent

Hello everyone.

I haven’t really engaged in conversation regarding this hacking situation. I’ve scanned the Internet to bring you the latest, most important NEWS updates in hopes of easing some of the anxiety that comes from not knowing. I’ve read many opinions from journalists, most of which have no idea of the emotional impact it has on many of us, they simply report from technical facts and press release statements.

After surfing the net, I’ve found many ‘user’ statements to be negative, probably around the 75% negative, 15% neutral and 10% positive range. That’s completely understandable. In this day and age, gamers have come to expect the ‘snap-of-the-finger’ fix because that’s how technology operates. I’ve read some pretty harsh statements, swearing up the gizzippers, so bad I can see their hands shaking. To be truthfully honest, I find it kind of entertaining. I only wish I can see how they live their everyday lives and learn why this misfortune situation has affected them so badly.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this ordeal is good. From a gamer standpoint, I have so many things going on right now I don’t have time to think about it. In all honesty, I am (we are) one of the lucky ones. Why? Let me tell you … Of the 77 million users worldwide, how many are actively engaged in an offsite PlayStation social community? What’s missing from every one’s lives is having the ability to communicate with each other. We have that here. Sure not all of our friends are active on the site, but I think up until the past day or so, most of the comments I’ve read from this site have been positive, with a slight neutral position and I contribute that to our chat program. We are the lucky ones.

For those journalists and billions of other outsiders to understand the emotional impact this has on the community, I say, take away their cell phones for three weeks and see how they cope with it. No text messaging, no phone calls, no keeping in touch with those you’re closest to…and worst of all, not knowing when you’ll get your cell phone back.

How do I feel about the idea that someone may have stolen my identity? Not  too happy of course. I’m not angry. There are protections I have with my bank. I doubt if some crazed person will show at my door.  Heck, they have 77 million other individuals to stock … And that’s only if they’re stupid enough to act on the stolen data, which would obviously lead them to jail.

It’s easy to be angry and curse those you hate. It’s easy to lash out at those who intentionally do wrong. But this isn’t the case here. I’m not defending the actions of SONY or their public relations handling of this situation. I know without question they are doing what is in the best interest of their customers, and taking into consideration their every action and how it affects the community. For that, I give them all the time they need. It’s easy for me to say that … I’m one of the lucky ones … We all are.



  1. Mika 8 years ago

    The way DOD! has put it makes you think hard we all know how professional sony is I trust they are doing all they can for us just wait until the system comes back we will get spoiled, but sometimes we cry because we want what we want when we want it? LOL Sony is awesome and they will bring those hackers to justice every bum will have there day.

  2. Waiting can’t and besides what can you do? All you can do is wait.. it’s not like you be like Tabitha from bewitched and snap your fingers and PRESTO it’s up.

  3. oldcatsrock 8 years ago

    Cheers Doddsy,
    The above mentioned is the reason, I wait patiently.

  4. Either way we take in the situation, we’ll just have to wait…

  5. I’ve gotten more done for us with it offline 🙂 I think it’s brought us together a bit more xD Kum by ahh songs around a campfire on Thursday!! 😀

  6. anGiieRawrPandie 8 years ago

    Try to take me cell phone away for 3 weeks.. I want to see what things I can get done! xD

  7. jennyfer-france 8 years ago

    yea thats great have info an contact from pstalent thx

  8. Emety 8 years ago

    Very well said!!! I am a loyal SONY customer and will continue to be… I am not mad at them for any reason as I am a programmer and I know that NO ONE is safe from hackers. We are all humans and what we make, can just as easily be destroyed by another human.

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