”Missing By Midnight” CASTING CALL

This March, the Hamster Freedom Knights are bringing something special to Playstation®Home. We are hosting a Masquerade, but with a little twist, formally called ”Missing By Midnight” this is a ”Masquerade Murder mystery, but we wouldn’t want to spoil the secret. So, we ask that anybody interesting in partaking in this event, meaning acting as one of the characters, we ask that you contact either, me, theworld101, or DesiGamer2005, on Playstation Network. The characters, and a short biography are listed below under the requirements. In order to apply you must be able to complete all requirements below.


  • Applicant must own either a keyboard or microphone.
  • Applicant must be able to attend all auditions and practices
  • Applicant must be able to act the part well
  • Applicant must be able to dress for the part in appropriate clothing.

For more information, please leave your comments below or click here: @theworld101



26 years of age, raised very spoiled life. Mother died when he was 14. Currently the heir to a large estate owned by his father. Feels as thought he is ”above” everyone else, and can beat anyone at anything


16 years of age, has low self esteem… Feels unworthy of her older twin Hope. Hangs out with wrong crowd, and gets in trouble because of it. Adventurous and ”carefree” but not around her parents or sister


16 years of age, twin sister to Faith born 2 minutes before her younger sister. Always cautious, likes to think things through, foil of (direct opposite of) her sister. Loves to read and tries to spend most of her time in a library. Rarely found without a book, her classmates labelled her as a ”nerd.” This aside she still manages to have a social life.


82 years of age, an older woman who’s seen much sorrow. Including that of her own husbands death… Despite such tragedies she manages to stay adept and still partake a in social events as best she can. Her wisdom has blessed her with a sixth sense of sorts. She gets premonitions in the form of headaches when trouble is brewing.


23 years of age, mostly outspoken because of childhood problems, not afraid to ”tell it how it is.” Known to have quick temper and a sharp tongue. She carries concealed weapons because of insecurity as a child. Both her father and mother abandoned her at an early age forcing her to live with an elderly aunt. Usually wears black and heavy dark make up.

Walter and Edith

Walter 45 years of age, and his wife Edith, 42 years of age have been married 12 years. Walter enjoys eating and has become very round over the years earning himself the name ”Tubby Hubby”, while Edith, who currently works as a nutritionist snatches unhealthy food from him whenever she sees it. Their relationship is still very intimate, and they often sneak off together for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Although they have never formally announced it, and no one has seen, many of their close friends believe that they have at least two children.


30 years of age, of Indian nationality and the final heir of a massive fortune and grand palace whose architecture dates back to the Renaissance era. He is desired by women all over the world for his incredible physique and his deep pockets. He is currently in search of the perfect ”Maharani” (Queen/Princess) to take back home with him. He currently owns the best sports cars money can buy and has no sense of financial responsibility.


17 years of age, current ASB president at her school. She is the popular kid, but also likes her studies. She is always in uniform and isn’t afraid to talk to shy looking students and try to help them out. She loves to plan dances and other student associated events. Her best school subject would be English, but her worst would be History, because she can’t seem to remember things easily.

Miss Evangelista

24 years of age, always trying to be helpful, but can never seem to do anything right. She is very pretty but not very intelligent, her greatest contribution has been the amount of money she donated to St. Johns children’s charity, however she misplaced the money, sending it to St. Haunds Masonic nunnery. She is often told to stay where she is and ”not touch anything” because she has a habit of breaking objects. She once tried to use a doughnut as a floatation device as she was drowning in a local pool believing them to be one and the same.


Anybody who finds interest in one or more character’s please contact us immediately. You may apply for as many parts as you like, but will only be able to receive one. The event is all held in U.S. (North America), there are also no set audition dates but contact us and when we have dates we will get back to you! All auditions and the event itself will take place in a club, so please, as it said in the requirements have an open club space. Thanks! @theworld101

  1. D 10 years ago

    Very interested, although I live in Canada. Is this a valid exception since you did list that the user has to live in the U.S.?

  2. anamri 10 years ago

    This sounds like a really fun event! Is it going to be open for anyone to play?

  3. Sierra24 11 years ago

    I Love It I Can’t Wait, God Bless All Who Play A Role In This Upcoming Project. Look Forward To Meeting You God Bless Cheers PStalent Rocks *(~_~)*

  4. 101 11 years ago

    I got you both down, auditions will be on the second week of March!

  5. Adam_Bell 11 years ago

    I’d like to audition for Water, to team up with May2099 as Edith.

  6. 101 11 years ago

    Okay, I put you both on the list, if you would add me on PSN if would help.
    Thanks! theworld101

  7. May2099 11 years ago

    @theworld101 I wish to audition as Edith and Adam_Bell as Walter. TY

  8. May2099 11 years ago

    I wish to audition as Edith with my online Home hubby Adam_Bell as Walter. The roles sound right up our virtual alley. We are both similar in age to the characters, romantic and have children of our own. Sounds like a blast. Please contact us for the roles of Walter and Edith. TY

  9. angelzsoul 11 years ago

    I would like to audition. Ty ^^ @theworld101

  10. Luke 11 years ago

    Sounds great, I would love to audition

  11. sillywilly 11 years ago

    lets do this

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