By Kyle Wagner – Communication Director

U.S.-based developer and production studio, PSTALENT, will officially be launching its landmark PlayStation®Home series on February 6th with a one-off marathon. The Spotlight, season 1, will be shown in its entirety featuring all 5 episodes.


Junk-Guy –  Marathon


The Spotlight has quickly become the premier virtual entertainment series of PlayStation®Home. Shot entirely in PlayStation®Home and featuring cast and crew from Home, The Spotlight is an unprecedented project that was made by the fan for the fan. Featuring quirky and memorable characters like Junk Guy, The Director and Spaghetti Guy. The Spotlight has developed a cult-like following of Home users across the pond. PSTALENT productions are sure to bring something new and refreshing to the PlayStation®Home world and give us all a reason to visit the Community Cinema again.


While The Spotlight may be considered PSTALENT’s flagship production, they also have an extensive catalog of additional in-house videos, associate productions from other aspiring directors from the Home community, and many more projects in the pipeline. Many of these planned productions will require additional support on both sides of the camera and PSTALENT will be actively recruiting new talent across Europe. PSTALENT is fully invested in the PlayStation®Home community and looks forward to expanding its team beyond North America.

casey cooper

PSTALENT recently became the first community-born developer at the end of 2012 and will be releasing its first line, The Shadows Collection, across Europe on February 6th. These finely crafted duds evoke both nostalgia and respect (or is it fear?) in lines for both men and women. The Shadows Collection was inspired by a story arc that may soon become a new production on Home…




PSTALENT produces exclusive content, including videos, events and virtual merchandise for Sony PlayStation®Home – the premier social gaming platform for PlayStation, and maintains an exclusive ‘On-Demand’ channel via the Sony Entertainment On Demand platform (EOD-TV), broadcasting PSTALENT-produced entertainment to more than 28 million throughout the United States and Europe.

About Kyle Wagner – Communications Director – PSTALENT

Kyle made his PlayStation®Home big screen debut playing the role of “Kyle – The Human-toon” in the PSTALENT produced video, the Classroom which currently broadcasts on the PSTALENT On Demand Channel. In addition to his fine acting skills, Kyle holds an MBA from the University of Denver – Daniels College of Business, working tirelessly in the economic development industry, helping to build a stronger economy. You can message Kyle at
  1. ASAP Kat 11 years ago

    $RGOH$ for life or afterlife <3 lol

  2. Dяєαmσℓιαh 11 years ago

    It was SO good 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 i had a nice evening and so much fun.
    it was a pstalent day 😀 in EUROPE 😀 😀 😀

  3. danni 11 years ago

    This is Great Event, EU Welcome Now we got TALENT

  4. Vlad 11 years ago

    Did it start yet? I added the 2 names so I could be there, but they haven’t accepted yet. If anyone wants to add my UK account it’s Vlad_Dracul_0871 my NA account is Vlad_Dracul_315

  5. Mika 11 years ago

    Awesome DOD I will be inviteing some of my UK Friends this is gonna be another great Gathering success to everyone at Pstalent yay we are truly Global:)

  6. Trisha 11 years ago

    Agreed! See you there Nat! 😀

  7. This is going to be an amazing ride and exciting eventful day 🙂 see you all there..:)

  8. Trisha 11 years ago

    Here’s a perfect opportunity to use the new social media bar to share this great news! 😀

  9. Trisha 11 years ago

    This is EPIC! With so many of PST’s members being from EU, I think it is great that they will be able to see our productions natively in their own PS Home region! This is very special and I’m looking forward to the upcoming premier this Wednesday. I hope other regions are to follow as well. GO PST! 😀

  10. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Such great news!
    Glad PSTalent are finally in the EU, gives me an excuse to get back on my old account. EU watch out as PSTalent is about to blow you away with its awesomeness!

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