Letter to SONY

“We write today regarding the recent data breach experienced by Sony Corporation’s Playstation Network operated by Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  According to Sony’s statement, the breach occurred between April 17 and April 19, and impacted as many as 77 million account holders’ personal information.  A public acknowledgement  of the breach was not made until April 26.” Read More …

Letter From Congress

  1. I feel like most of PS3 users have been abandoned. Some are saying that if your credit card info wasn’t on your account then you will not be granted the “we’re sorry” package. It’s unfair considering most people have lost money that was on their accounts due to this issue. Shouldn’t they at least try to make amends with those who have purchased things through them but didn’t use their credit cards? They are just as important as those who entered their credit card info on their accounts. FAIR IS FAIR! We should all be equal! No individual gamer should be singled out because of this! So those are my ranting thoughts on this… What’s yours?

  2. Mika 10 years ago

    The letter is offical Sony is draging there feet you don’t want your loyalfans to turn on you get the system up and running and let your lawyers handle this and the cert team work it out.

  3. CORISUcat-Publicity 10 years ago

    Just read also that since Sony refused to appear for a hearing, they’ve moved the deadline for responses to today. http://ingame.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/05/03/6577819-sony-declines-to-testify-before-congress-as-1-billion-lawsuit-filed

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