May 02, 2011 01:55 PM EDT

The Sony PlayStation Network is still down. The execs have apologized, and there will be some type of compensation to the 77 million accounts that were affected by the hack. Some people think it will be back up by May 4.

Sony PlayStation Network Down: PS3 PSN Back up by May 4?If the PSN really goes back online in just two days, it will be a major relief for PS3 owners who have been unable to access content or play their online games for nearly two weeks. Of course, this is a situation where people will not believe it until it actually happens.

With the Playstation Network down and hackers stealing user data, at least one person has filed a lawsuit. However, if the PSN goes online on May 4, will this lawsuit be ended? Most people just want the PSN back up and running for their PS3s, and they want to know that Sony is working hard to make sure their personal data is safe.

  1. jennyfer-france 13 years ago

    it take the road to back sunday..

  2. Mika 13 years ago

    Each time they put a day on the possible return of psn it never comes true just give us our network back sony stop the games.

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