You are Invited to Attend the Gala Premiere and Theater Debut of the PSTALENT Variety Show – Where the Community Takes the Stage!

29 May 2013 Starting in the Cinema Lobby at 6:00 PM CEST (9 AM Pacific Time)


MASTER-POSTERA PSTALENT gala premiere is as close to a real Hollywood red carpet event as one will get – where members dress in their fanciest attire, sport their most outrageous costumes and ride their favourite locomotions, proudly displayed for the entire world to see. Immediately following the premiere, the party moves to Cinema 6 where a total of 15 films will be shown, including the Variety Show! The most talented directors from Home will showcase their greatest works yet – a true Home “Film Festival’ of epic proportions!
Mingling in the crowd of the Gala Premiere, the Director (DOD) and his Casting Agent (COCOBABY) will scout talent from the crowds to feature in the next presentation of the Variety Show.
DANCERS: The silver screen! Talent agents will be scouting five (5) flamboyant dancers to cast in the next presentation of the Variety Show. The dancers will take to the stage and be filmed while busting out their best moves. The footage will be used in the opening and closing segments of the Variety Show. This is a surefire way to kick-start any new talent’s career.
MODELS: How would you like to see yourself on a movie poster in Home? Now is your chance! Five (5) additional crowd members will be selected to pose for the marketing material used in the U.S. and E.U. regions as well as social media circulation and the home page of PSTALENT.COM, the social site for PlayStation’s best talent.
We’re looking for ordinary members who are agent-free, meaning not part of any home-centric organization with the means to broadcast or publicly display. We’re searching for new, raw talent – not seasoned professionals.
If an Agent scouts you, you’ll receive a private message. Here’s what a message might say:
  1. Do you have an agent? Answer: No
  2. Are you available on Saturday, 8 June between 6:00 PM CEST and 8 PM CEST? Answer: Yes
  3. Can you handle fame? Answer: Absolutely!
CASTING-TALENTQUOTEQUOTES: Finally, we need quotes for the movie posters! (See sample below.) After the evening is over, If you would like to have your quote considered for the headline of a movie poster, tweet your short review to @PSTALENT. You only have 140 characters so here are a few examples:
  • “The @PSTALENT Variety Show was fantastic! Race Fumes was ridiculously funny! Director Ebola did an amazing job!”
  •  “Jane Director did an amazing job with her @PSTALENT Variety Show film; it was suspenseful & thrilling! Bravo!”
  • “The @PSTALENT Variety Show is the best Home show ever! Giving the community a chance to showcase their work in Home makes Home OUR home!”
Key words from your quote will be pulled and used as the headline. If your quote is selected, you’ll receive a return tweet asking for your actual PlayStation username so we can credit you.

That’s it! Remember: Don’t be fooled by copycats who promise fame and fortune; PSTALENT makes stars, not promises!

Final Note:

The PSTALENT Gala Premiere and Variety Show may be covered by several press agencies including PlayStation’s most popular Home-centric magazine, the PS Home Gazette, where you might be given an opportunity to comment and pose for a lengthy review.  The Gazette has gained considerable notoriety as “the people’s” magazine, focusing on Home members, clubs and developers.
See you on the red carpet!

Here’s the lineup!













*Legal mumbo jumbo: This is not a contest or solicitation for paid work. Participants act only as volunteers. The broadcast and/or display of any PSTALENT Home content is subject to approval by SCEE/SCEA and no guarantee is implied. Membership at PSTALENT.COM is not required but highly recommended; that’s where the finest talent in PlayStation Home hangs out.
  1. Trisha 11 years ago

    Okies, and thankies, I try my best 😀 Missed your company too! 😀

  2. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    No need to apologize – You always support us no matter what. We just missed your company 🙂

  3. Trisha 11 years ago

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the premier, but I see that it was awesome! Yays for PST! 😀

  4. angelzsoul 11 years ago

    *quickly logs into UK* 😀

  5. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Awesome Nat! See you in about 8 hours 🙂

  6. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Yes – This event is in the EU region and so is the casting. We need EU talent in our films and I know talent when it see it … I’m on the hunt for talent!

  7. natsamson (EU Community Director) 11 years ago

    Going to be one hell of a show!! see you all on Wednesday 🙂 *works hard on getting it out the EU Region*

  8. Seph-Zero 11 years ago

    I mean do I have to have a Europe account to log in home for the event?

  9. Seph-Zero 11 years ago

    Vancouver Canada, is the event on US server? hmm and I cant figure out what time it will be in Vancouver…

  10. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Hi Seph. The gala premiere starts at 6 pm Paris time. I’m not sure what part of Canada you’re from? Hope you can make it.

  11. Seph-Zero 11 years ago

    I live in Canada, so what time I should go to the cinema lobby on may 29?

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