May 05, 2011 01:15 AM EDT

So who took Sony PlayStation Network Down, and when will they have PSN back up? Those questions are lingering as the consumer electronics company continues to try to ease the fears of its members.

A new report from reveals that Sony has released some interesting information about the hack of PSN. Apparently, one detail revealed is that one of the PlayStation Network servers had a file named “Anonymous.” That’s the name of the infamous cyber hacking group responsible for disrupting the network weeks before the more serious intrusion.

As PCMag notes, Anonymous was waging attacks against Sony staff and their families. This was all due to the group’s anger over how Sony had taking legal actions in a U.S. Court against a notorious hacker. That hacker was George Hotz, aka “geohot.” Hotz developed a guide to help other users hack the Sony PS3 and network to customize it more.

Anonymous denied any responsibility for the attack last month, but it said that “it could be the case that other Anons have acted by themselves.” Sony hasn’t exactly said who (individual or group) was responsible for the severe security breach that occurred between April 17th and 19th. It’s been noted by the company’s officials that they are helping the FBI investigate the breach, and they are reluctant to reveal full details to the public.

So it’s still possible that Anonymous was responsible for taking the Sony PlayStation Network down. Technically, Sony decided to pull their network down to prevent further data security problems, although they didn’t handle it with the public as best as they could. Now it’s up to Sony to get the PSN back up soon, so game fans can start enjoying the video game network once again—hopefully without worry of more attacks from cyber hackers.

  1. jennyfer-france 13 years ago

    well these hacking coming boring

  2. PSHomeFlo2 13 years ago

    LOOL the bold and the sonyfull haha

    All we need to know is a date when we can enjoy our ps3 again… but the big silence has occured upon that. I hope it will be this weekend, just before everybodies 2 weeks holiday in Holland ends… 😉

    Yeeeaaaahhh! 😉

  3. Villa (Awesome Person) 13 years ago

    Not trying to point any fingers but… >> I think that Anonymous group did it, since there was a file titled Anonymous. 😛 OR they’re being framed!… Yep, Lifetime movie. 😛

  4. Villa (Awesome Person) 13 years ago

    This is starting to sound like a Lifetime movie. 😛 Now all we need is for someone to get murdered! 😀

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