May 01, 2011 01:50 PM EDT

The Sony PlayStation Network remains down, but a “Phased restoration” takes place this week for PS3 subscribers of the PSN. The live chat gives gamers and Qriocity members a place to vent, share information, and receive live updates.

It’s being described by some PS3 and Qriocity subscribers as similar to the Enron disaster, foreclosure crisis, and banking failures. What all the players share in common is an overwhelming feeling of anger.

With the PlayStation network down since April 20, investigations are underway from governments around the globe, at leat one lawsuit is pending against the electronics giant, and a growing body of subscribers are considering defecting to Microsoft’s Xbox Live for a membership.

But Sony is stepping forward with a “welcome back” program by offering PS3 and Qriocity members of the hacked network free memberships for a specified time. Along with that, a “phased restoration” is taking place this week and some nifty features are part of the “we’re sorry campaign”.


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