Casey Cooper

 [hr]Sony PS Home European Cinema Debut – Wed, Feb 20, 2013

Casey Cooper & The Spotlight Season 2: Back to Back!





@tbaby – Contributing Writer: Casey Cooper – This piece shows again, why PST is the best production company on PS Home. It truly exemplifies the hard work of the Director, his staff, and all our actors/actresses. I see that this piece has been nominated for 6 Spotlight awards, including best picture. Well it definitely has my vote and hope it has yours too! GO PST!!! WOOT!!!
Casey Cooper

Child Sitcom Star – Casey Cooper

It begins with the opening credits of what appears to be an old TV show that features a delightful cast of characters, including a boy named Casey Cooper. This part really has that 1960s feel to it, including an original theme song that fits the genre perfectly with its acoustic guitar riffs.
Big Bertha

Big Bertha


Flash forward to present day where it looks like we are in some kind of employment office with various individuals who are trying to find a job. This is a great opening scene filled with a colorful array of characters and very funny dialogue. Wait until you see the woman with whom all the job applicants check-in.
Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper – All grown up!

With the design of her avatar, her clothes, and definitely her voice as she delivers line after line, she is sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing! There are so many intricate details that add to the atmosphere of the scene, from the camera angles to the design of the set to the office sounds and movement of people in the background. I just love the close-ups of the characters faces where you can see their facial expressions that make them really come to life along with the epic voice-over work. How all the hand gestures and facial movements are coordinated with the voices is truly amazing and a testament to capturing just the right shots and editing it all perfectly. It is during this scene that we meet our main character, Casey Cooper, now several years older. And yes, he too is looking for a job. This part makes me think of those “Where Are They Now” shows.


Casey Cooper

“Yes Mr. Cooper, we’ve been expecting you!”

After some hilarious dialogue in the employment office, Casey Cooper finds himself in what appears to be a scientific laboratory where he is greeted by a mad scientist. He kind of reminds me of Doc Brown from the movie, “Back to the Future”, except with a more foreboding voice. Again, great avatar design, costumes, and voice-over work make this scene come to life perfectly. The ominous feel of this scene which includes some amazing special effects provides a striking contrast to the office scene, but is just as incredible. The use of close-ups and various camera angles give the scene depth. Casey Cooper is faced with a decision that will determine his future. Will he take the red pill or the blue pill?
So what will be the fate of our Casey Cooper? I don’t want to spoil what happens, so you will just have to come out to the premier next Wednesday to find out! I will leave you with this one line that will mean even more at the end of the movie than the beginning… “I’ll be back” (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)
Thanks again for letting me preview this amazing piece! Take care, Trisha


TBaby has been an Actress with PST since June 25th, 2011.

Contact TBaby: @tbaby


  1. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Nat! It’s an awesome film and yes, another great premier in PS Home EU! 😀

  2. Very nice review trish 🙂 and cant wait for yet another premiere here in EU 🙂

  3. Trisha 11 years ago

    Nice! 😀 It’s great to get sponsorship and support from developers like Lockwood or fan sites like AZ4. I’m sure they will appreciate any love we give them too. Looking forward to seeing it all! 😀

  4. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    It’s all good. In this presentation, the Spotlight season 2 premiere episode has 2 added changes, the PST Annual Spotlight Awards is “sponsored by Lockwood and AlphaZone 4” which ads a nice touch to the opening scene. Plus a few fun “lower-thirds” where we show our love to developers and fan sites (beta). l’m curious how the audience will react.

  5. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Director and congrats to you & PST for bringing more content to the EU! Sorry, I should have replied here originally instead of on the Wire so your additional comments would show up in the blog. Congrats again on this being promoted by SCEE and good luck this week with everything! 😀

  6. Mika 11 years ago

    Wish i could time has me at work:(

  7. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    The best way to tell a little about Casey Cooper is to show the article by @tbaby! Coming next Wednesday to the EU Cinemas, Casey Cooper & The Spotlight – Season 2 Encore Presentation!

  8. it was awsome i liked it alote

  9. SO AWSOME 😀

  10. Silva Deville 11 years ago

    I LOVED IT! It was pure comedy!

  11. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Cynella! It was great seeing you last night and loved your review too! 😀

  12. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    Mom and Dad, I’ll be back!

  13. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    24 hours later… Can you still hear it?

  14. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    I know you have a super busy schedule so finding the time to attend the event, snap photos, and write an article doesn’t go unnoticed. I certinately hope the community, Sony, and developers understand how much you give for this, the great work you produce and how much value it brings to our Home. I can’t thank you enough! Thank you, thank you!

  15. Thank you Cynella! Glad that you came out! 🙂 Great review!! 🙂

  16. Cynella 11 years ago

    TBaby: Great Review.

    Dod: The première was outstanding!

    Coco: Lol, I can still hear you saying “Next.. ”

    Great job everyone. 🙂

  17. Trisha 11 years ago

    Bahahahaha! When I think of that scene and your voice, it has me rolling! Loves it! 😀

  18. Trisha 11 years ago

    What an awesome turnout last night! It was great seeing so many people to share this wonderful experience with everyone that was there, familiar faces and new. After seeing Casey Cooper, I’m looking forward to the series too! Also can’t wait to see what’s next! PST IS DA BOMB! Loves it! 😀

  19. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Ana! It was great seeing you last night too! 😀

  20. Lol thanks anamri.

  21. URZU 11 years ago

    DOD does it again and never stops to amaze people with his comedic style. Loved the turn out, it was so good to see so many faces.
    I had Fun!

  22. anamri 11 years ago

    Very comprehensive, well written, and glowing review, Trisha – Great job!!

    As for the video itself, I have come to expect pure awesomeness from PST, and I was NOT disappointed! The styling of the 1960’s sitcom was flawless and endearing (looking forward to the series).

    Coco, you were so believable as Big Bertha, I don’t know whether to laugh or be frightened of you! And anything with Kozzzmo in it is an instant favorite for me! All around fantastic acting, hilarious writing, and spectacular camera & editing work, PST!!!

  23. In love with Big Bertha, eh? LOL! I always knew that you were sweet on her.

  24. Nivi 11 years ago

    Went to the premier last night, really enjoyed the show, but still have that theme song stuck in my head. LOL

  25. QueenVee 11 years ago

    Last night was amazing. Thanks guys and gals! Cynella’s review was brilliant and was nice to look over some of the pictures from last nights event too! 😀

  26. DarkSided_Gay 11 years ago

    I thought the production was great!! and i think im in love with big bertha!!..ok..not love..but heavey infatuation?.. 🙂

  27. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Oh no! The role has gone to her head… She has actually become the character! Dang method actors!

  28. Big Bertha says… “Thanks y’all! Hey you CHILD! C’mon! I haven’t got all day. My feet hurt, and my show is on! Next… I SAID… NEXT! KEEP IT MOVING! Hey Casey… guess what? I’LL BE BACK! HAHAHAHA! Gotta love that child!”

  29. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Thank you! A “skit” in PST terms means a “full-blown feature film with commentary” on our budget 🙂

  30. Vindikated 11 years ago

    Very nice skit, I’m just left wondering what happened to Casey Cooper in outer-space lol. Big Bertha rocked 🙂 and everyone else did an excellent job. Good job PS Talent. Looking forward for more videos and skits like this.

  31. R3DD 11 years ago

    I need to catch up on the

  32. Soph 11 years ago

    Simply amazing!

    I went into this not knowing what to expect, but was really looking forward to finding out. The ending was very unexpected but I really did laugh out loud. Good job! 😀

  33. Wylds 11 years ago

    great job i thought was funny all i can say is whos NEXT lol

  34. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    It was a great success tonight and I want to thank everyone for attending. I hope you enjoyed the show. Please be sure to visit the theater next week and the week after for some exciting films and news … It’s time we show HOME our real talent! Thank you! ~ DOD

  35. I must say.. Bertha is some kind of funny! LOL Absolutely histerical! LOL Ooops.. I mean Big Bertha!

  36. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Bertha, It is a truly amazing video! Probably one of my favorite and one of the best, yet… I enjoyed the ending, I have to admit.

  37. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    Haven’t seen you in a while, how are you these days?

  38. Trisha 11 years ago

    THANKIES CHRISTINA! ^___^ You’r not late or anything. I hope you can make it tomorrow nite too! 😀

  39. Trisha 11 years ago

    Heyyyyy Rob! And LOL I’m not fainting lol 😛 And thankies buddie! See you tomorrow nite and don’t forget to bring the drinks (enough for both of us lol) 😀

  40. CORISUcat-Publicity 11 years ago

    A little bit late in responding here…. EXCELLENT JOB TRISH! ^_^

  41. quasar338 11 years ago

    Hey , hey there my buddie Trishia> OOPPPPSIE dont faint it’s me Rob!!! Great work there on the review. And see you at the premier!

  42. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Mikey! Hope to see you at the premier tomorrow night! 😀

  43. mcx 11 years ago

    Excellent review of the video.. looking forward to checking it out. 🙂

  44. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    True story! We’re so lucky to have such a talented group of actors and production crew to work with!

  45. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    Spotlight music video, you say? *Pours DOD another drink* Tell me more! :p

  46. Yay!!!

  47. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Hi Flo. I wish there was a way to hold a premiere where both the US and EU can party in prime time. Just the thought that you would attend at 3 am make this special. Thank you!

  48. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Thanks Stephie! Yes, the competition is fierce, especially going up against a film produced by you! Oops… Was I suppose to say that? I guess we’ll have to wait until the season premiere of the Spotlight Season 2 on October 31st to see what this is about. OMG … I am so excited about the Spotlight… It’s going to be soooo much fun! What? What’s this? Next week, the 24th is the Spotlight Music Video in the Community Theater? Are you kidding? What do you know about that? I can’t handle surprises!

  49. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Thanks Akuma! It’s going to be a fun night and a great season in the Community Theater.

  50. Trisha 11 years ago

    Yes Flo! The talent of PST is amazing isn’t it? I don’t blame you for being speechless about it! I know it will be late for you, but I’m glad you are coming. I know you won’t be disappointed! See you then! 😀

  51. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies! And yes, I was already telling @urzu1 that I was starting up the time machine to get us to Wednesday faster! 😀

  52. Trisha 11 years ago

    KOZZ!!! First I want to thank you so much for your donation today! So generous of you and to other members of the PST Team too! That was awesome! With all the musical instruments you know how to play, I know you have to be joking about only knowing that one song (I actually had to look it up cuz I didn’t know it lol) But hey, at least if you are going to play only one song, it might as well be about Friday so everyday can be Friday! That would be awesome too! 😀

  53. Kozzzmo 11 years ago

    Trisha… yup, I can play many musical instruments. Unfortunately, the only song I know how to play is Friday by Rebecca Black :/

  54. Kozzzmo 11 years ago

    DOD lol!

  55. Silva Deville 11 years ago

    <<<<Very Excited! I can't wait to see this on Home wednesday with all of you! WOOT WOOT!

  56. PSHomeFlo2 11 years ago

    Just WoooW… i have no other words for this kind of talent! Great work by great people!!! See you wednesday in Theater at our time 3am lol but we will be there for sure! 😉

  57. ♔darkan12nl♔ 11 years ago

    i cant wait to see PStalent back in the theater again! im pretty sure it will be amazing! *does happy hamster dance*

  58. Awesome review..makes me wish I had a time machine so I can see it now! But must wait it out. PSTalent keeps things rolling.

  59. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Sergio! And yes you are totally right! I think one of the most rewarding parts is sharing your work with others. By the responses here, you can really get a sense for the pride we all have of being part of such a great organization! Loves it! 😀 Ok, so about making Wed get here faster… *starts up time machine* See you Wednesday nite! 😀

  60. URZU 11 years ago

    Loving this review, this is what makes PST something great.
    Talented people coming together and just having fun, then getting to show that to to so many people.
    My Name is Serjio (URZU-1 headshot Director) and I’m very proud to be a part of PSTalent.
    Thank You DOD for making this Season one to remember and Fun.
    Now, please make the week move faster so the 17th will get here much sooner. LOL

  61. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thanks Alan! And yes, I couldn’t agree with you more! Hope to see you Wednesday! 😀

  62. Great review, Trish! Casey Cooper looks like it will be an excellent blend of the thriller, sci-fi, and comedy genres, and I know that the Home community will love it.

  63. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thank you Stephie! When a film is as good as this one, its easy to review. 😀 I too have always been amazed by what the Director has been able to produce. He has an impecable eye for detail and very methodical in his craft. He knows exactly what he wants and do whatever it takes to get it. But I also believe that the high quality of our films is attributed to the contributions of all participating PST members, whether they be staff or actors/actresses. And yes, thes best of luck to Director and PST for winning those Spotlight awards! 😀

  64. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thanks Mika! And YES, I agree that PST has the best talent on Home! 😀

  65. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Jo and yes, I have the feeling this season is going to be amazing too! I actually think the PS Home Community already knows PST is special, but I know we can show them even more than we already have. I believe we have set the bar high, but know that we can always do even better with all the talent that we have here. 😀

  66. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Kozz!!! You’re the voice of PST! Wow, you can sing and play the guitar too! You are a Renaissance man, a jack of all trades! PST does have the best Talent. See you Wednesday! 😀

  67. Trisha 11 years ago

    Awww thankies Nikki! I tried my best. 😀 I don’t think I have ever written a movie review before so I’m glad this was well received. Yes, Big Bertha is hilarious! It is characters like her and Spagetti man from Spotlight that bring such humour to the films. Yes, I definitely give it 2 thumbs up too! Hope to see everyone on Wednesday! 😀

  68. Very, very, very nice review. Everyone in this film were great to work with. I love that this review is well detailed. Big Bertha, well… she’s just a comedian from within. Casey Cooper… I just feel so sorry for him. It’s like dejavue for him. LOL! So if I was asked to be a critic, I would give this film a 2 thumbs up for great quality and a lot of smiles! For those who have seen it, they would probably describe this as one of the best films that PST has produced! Well that’s all I have for now folks… come on out and enjoy the film with us on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 to see what all the laughter is about! See you all soon!

    Casting Director

  69. Mika 11 years ago

    I just read this review wonderful job Trisha and thanks Pstalent for releaseing what I know would be yet another outstanding film this will be with great producing and awesome Directors Pstalent is truely home of the world’s most Talented avatars this is Hollywood of Home:)

  70. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    Great review of a great video. I love the concept of a black & white sitcom within the video too! DOD’s creativity and execution never cease to amaze me. It’s no wonder he was nominated for 6 Spotlight Awards! Good luck, DOD! I hear the competition is fierce this year, but you’ve got this!

  71. Awesome review can’t wait to see it 😀

  72. Trisha 11 years ago

    Thankies Director and everyone! It was an absolute pleasure to review this wonderful machinima so thanks again Director for the opportunity. I just love PST and so proud to be a member here! I hope yall feel the same cuz we are all a part of something amazing. I can’t wait until Wedneday nite and hope to see yall there! Stay awesome PS Talent! Muahz! ^__^

  73. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    See you on the big screen Koz! By the way … Great job on the VO for SpeedWings! I must say … I have never met anyone who can change gears with character voices as well as you can. On top of that, play a guitar and sing! All that is left is dancing so I suggest you grab a camera and boogie for PST. I know we’d all love to see it … I’m voting you PST most talented!

  74. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Thank you Joanna! You’re always there to support us and I appreciate that. Hang tight … Nurse Oops! is oop’ing things up again 🙂

  75. Joanna 11 years ago

    Awesome review and I’m just sure this season is going to be amazing. PSTalent is special. We know it. The community will know it too very soon.


  76. Kozzzmo 11 years ago

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to see it! GREAT review Trisha!!

  77. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Great review! I now want to see it so badly!

  78. Wylds 11 years ago

    Trisha nice review 🙂

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