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Hello PST members!

The Director

So I finally got more codes of the Shadows Collection and I wanted to give them out but I’m suffering from writers block and I can’t think of a creative way to do it.
I need your help.
I have 5 full ensembles of the Shadows Collection (choice of color plus gun) and I was hoping you can help me think of a fun and creative way (this is only for registered PST members) like a competition or something. They don’t have a cash value so it’s not a contest, it’s not a drawing, it’s not a lottery, just a fun way to earn codes. Can you think of something? If you do, just post your idea below in the comment field.
For your hard efforts, the best 5 ideas will each receive a full ensemble (choice of color plus gun) for you or someone special. Yes ladies, these are only for the mens collection but you are welcome to forfeit your codes in exchange for a ladies ensemble which will be out soon.
Keep in mind, there is no scientific method on choosing the best ideas, it’s just me and what I like without rhyme or reason so give it your best shot.
Thanks! Have fun! ~DOD
NOTE: I’ll select the best comments by Friday and post the results as well. This gives everyone a chance to think about something.
  1. ixarix 12 years ago

    Photo / caption contest. Create a fun photograph with some PSTalent members. And have people make funny cations for it. But there is a catch, incorporate a secret word into the competition. If someone uses the secret word in the caption, they win the prize.

  2. Mark 12 years ago

    Well i feel as if i need to go lol only because i wasn’t going to be able to because my ps3 is dead, but i just found out that my mother and father are going to be home for thanksgiving and my old 80 gig that me and my father bought together is there…..

  3. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    You pretty much have it right tyrianna. Stevie added a nice twist … Something to discuss on Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    btw to anyone who may be confused with the combined idea it would go something like this. People would get quized on something then the answer could be something found in home and then people could go out after the quiz was over find those items in home take pictures of them and first one to solve the quize and find all the items wins. At least thats my interpretation of all those ideas combined. but hey who knows i could be wrong ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    technically it wasnt originally my idea i just commented and gave the idea on how the scavenger hunt could work on pshome without confusion and frustration ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Stevie 12 years ago

    I like the idea Tyrianna324 gave, But i have a twist to it. to give it a bit of a spice give a riddle. of the item they need to find and take a picture of. so a list of riddles that they need to go out and try to solve. Who doesn’t love a good riddle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    i shall attend the meeting but i honestly dont care about the prize lol

  8. Trisha 12 years ago

    Ok ok, awesome! I think that it’s great that you are opening it up to the public to discuss. I’ll try to make it this Wednesday, but I’m not sure if I will be on or not cuz I’m going to New Mexico for Thanksgiving. I’m bringing my PS3, but not sure what time we’re leaving yet. Hope to see you then! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Martin will issue the codes on Tuesday. Wednesday is our regular meeting so if all winners can join us at 5 pm pacific, we can work out the details. Actually, this can be an open meeting… Let’s open this meeting to everyone! Add MOVIE_CREW to your club list if you want to attend… But first I have to make room.

    5 pm pacific at MOVIE_CREW clubhouse for ‘Team Challenge’ planning. Everyone is welcome.

  10. Miss T 12 years ago

    ty kindly ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Trisha 12 years ago

    YAYS! Thankies DOD for having this contest! ๐Ÿ˜€

    It was great to see all the creative ideas from everyone. We really have the most creative minds here at PST! That’s so awesome that the winning idea was a combination of some of ours too. I always thought that some of the best ideas come from a combination of ideas and that is what happened here too! Loves it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So now that we have thought of this fun game, when are we going to have it?

  12. Trisha 12 years ago

    I’m a winner? YAYS! Thankies!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    lol i really do wanna do a photo contest last one i headed and judged was for the homelings back when i was still a member. that was a fun time ๐Ÿ™‚ and im confused did i win something or just help a dude win

  14. you’re welcome and congrats to the winners !!

  15. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Congrats Nat! You started a chain of ideas that lead to the winning idea! For that, you are a WINNER!

  16. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Congrats Mark for adding to the idea! You’re a WINNER!

  17. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Congrats for the idea! You’re a WINNER!

  18. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Congrats for the idea! You’re a winner!!

  19. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    I am happy to announce the winners of the Free Code giveaway. The idea of a trivia, scavernger hunt, combining them, and snapping a picture made this the winning choice for me.

    This was a group discussion with input from: Natsamson, T-Baby, Mark and tyrianna324 and together, built a great plan for a fun project. Congratulations, you all have earned a Shadows ensemble with gun.

    Also, another idea I liked, very simple and neat is a poem which was suggested by Miss T. You too are a winner of a Shadows Collection and Gun.

    For the remaining ideas and supporting comments, Thank you! It’s great to see thinkers express their creative ideas to make things fun around here! If you didn’t win a code, you’ll have a chance in the future.

    Please visit the page, all winners are highlighted in red. Thank you!!!

  20. CNyceNC 12 years ago

    I’m always up for a photo shoot! I always say that you gotta look your best in Home!

  21. Mark 12 years ago

    You could do both the quiz and hunt.
    The one in the club would get the question relay it to the one in the field and then they would discuss possible ideas on what the answer is to the question.

    Mark – Winner and Winning Idea!
    (Combined ideas made this a winner: T-Baby, Natsamson, Mark and tyrianna324)

  22. Nivi 12 years ago

    Ah I see TBaby already had the idea about a trivia contest, Anyway great minds think a like =)

  23. Nivi 12 years ago

    How about a trivia contest, people can answer a series of questions about the history of PSTalent and its videos and maybe even trivia of DOD, it would show who really loves PSTalent. Anyway I don’t know if a trivia contest has been brought up, I didn’t read all the comments.

  24. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    We have used the voting process on this site before but what ends up happening is it becomes a popularity contest, the one with the most friends wins, so the true talented one stands the chance of losing. We have voting abilities here as well as polling but I don’t think applying it to challenges is fair. What do you think?

  25. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    I like the idea that a photographer would capture the space for all to see. I also like the team work aspect. This will definitely need a strong leader with a great action plan. Anyone care to share your thoughts on this?

  26. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    If you haven’t already posted a suggestion for free codes, do it soon. I’ll be selecting the best ideas and one top idea to put into action and all 5 ideas will each receive a Shadows Collection of their choice.

    If you can’t think of anything, then lobby for an idea you like by leaving feedback. I’m still on the fence with the best idea so sharing your thoughts would help.

    The end result means everyone can participate in the selected challenge which means more codes for you to earn. If you already have Shadows, you can forfeit for future releases of PST developed items.

    Thank you and good luck!

  27. Trisha 12 years ago

    Sounds like a great variation on what I was thinking! ๐Ÿ˜€ I think my game is more of a triva game than a scavenger hunt because you are looking for answers to questions on Home instead of searching for actual items that are hidden, but it is similar to a scavenger hunt. I guess since there would be teams of 2, both members of the team would win the code if they answered a question correctly (or got the most questions answered correctly in the least time). I do like the teamwork aspect of your variation too. It all sounds like fun. So when do we start? lol

  28. Well Sir @ DOD my idea was a “Comic book” or “Comic Strip” close to a “Storyboard” but a bit different. Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. But what I mean is a sequence of photos arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions. Picture can be taken in home and editing can be done with very basic tools.
    PS. I’m not trying to win I just want my idea to be understood more clearly. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great idea 11 btw great minds think alike!

  29. Miss T 12 years ago

    possibly have an email adress to send creativie writing

  30. Miss T 12 years ago

    judgres as in directors put up the creative writing up annon

  31. Miss T 12 years ago

    possibly the judges pick 10 of thier choice u print them then pst votes which one they like

  32. that’s a pretty good idea. I think it could go along with the Picture contest, in the fact that it could be difficult to get everyone on friends lists to view the personal spaces. You could submit photos of the space you create to resemble that time and do something like that. just a suggestion.

  33. that’s a pretty cool idea. the teams with the best communication will be able to work together faster to find the answers, and both people would be important because 1 person is spending time working the clues in the clubhouse, while the other is the Gopher, doin the legwork. makes both people equally important.

  34. i think, as far as the tools go, you could look past the actual “look” of the storyboard and go with just hte backstory that someone could come up with. in that way, everyone can enter just by creating a character around the outfit, and creating a backstory, or a story around that character. plus it would save them from buying the outfit to make the comic strip, to win the outfit lol. as far as the comic strip or artwork that can go with it. if they would like to ask for someone to create it, i’m sure there’s a few of us who can lend our hands in helping them, or to create ones around the stories you pick.

  35. Trooper001K 12 years ago

    Others can also work together to win,a person may have a bunch of items but I have no idea how to build the set.Or you may need someone to stand somewhere,just anything that may require team work.
    So this also promotes teamwork and communication,being able to receive ideas or give them.
    Guidelines can be easily changed to fit the plan,no matter the route.

  36. Trooper001K 12 years ago

    Well,here’s a thought
    Now we all own personal spaces right,how about we transform our personal spaces,to match the same time line with the Zoot Suits.
    As best as possible,judging can consist of 1 to 3 people.
    All participants can wait in the clubhouse,or their personal space.
    Also viewing different personal spaces will help inspire different ideas and future concepts.
    To be honest I think the best judges would be DOD,Coco,and Animus
    We have our Randy,Paula,and Simon ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Dazzy 12 years ago

    If you do another video contest somewhere down the line could we possibly have it so that we get to write it our self and not have to base it on a specific category.

  38. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Though I love the idea, I hate being the one who judges. If someone takes the time to write something, I usually love it no matter what. I’ll get back to this one… I’ll put some thought into it.

  39. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Dance offs are fun … What is the judging process?

  40. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    A nice, simple poem? I like! But how will the judging work?

  41. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    How about something like a tag team? Nat raised the scavenger hunt thing, like the Easter Hunt earlier this year, but what if we worked from home in a club. One person from the team stays in the club while their partner roams home based on the instructions given in the club. The club partner relays instructions to the field while the scavenger hunts the object and relays results to the club partner who announces the results for all to read. First correct answer wins that task and we move to the next one?

  42. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Ah… I see 11 mentioned the same. 1 good idea… 2 great brains.

  43. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    So basically, one would make a ‘comic strip’ like story with photos? This sounds really cool but do enough members have the tools to create something like this? Anyone want to add some feedback to this idea? Smart thinking 11.

  44. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    I like the idea because winning depends on skill without judging. In my experience, selecting as a judge causes some people to question motives which ruins the fun. Can’t please everyone but only takes one person to spoil it for all. I do like the idea.

  45. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    you could always do a photo contest rather than a video contest.

  46. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    well as much as i love the idea of a scavenger hunt it would be almost impossible to do without someone to lead and run the game. I do have an idea on how you can make the scavenger hunt idea work on pshome at least once you have a leader for it. give everyone a list of the same items like you would for scavengers hunts and have them take a picture of that item when they find it. when they have found all the items on their list they win. you need a leader so that someone can be keeping track of the pictures and verifying that they really did find what the list said. but once all is said and done and you found a leader and you made your list give them the list on the day of the hunt and make sure its items from anywhere in home not in just one space lol. gotta make it a challenge if its too easy it wont be any fun.

    Tyrianna324- Winner and Winning Idea!
    (Combined ideas made this a winner: T-Baby, Natsamson, Mark and tyrianna324)

  47. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    well from personal experience on creating events for certain groups on pshome and from participating in many others a poker tournament is duable but rather lengthy depending on how people play the game. My suggestion would be to do it at a personal space with as many poker tables as you can fit. last two people at each table continue on to the next round. This way it speeds up the game a bit without having to wait for that final player. and you just keep doing it in tiers like that until you have people all down to 1 table then just let the game play out until only 1 person remains.

  48. I think it would be fun to create a blog and let people comment with, why they think they deserve the outfit, are they the real pstalent *gangsta*?
    It brings lots of funny comments and it good way to promote the site as well.

  49. SunnyPath 12 years ago


  50. Just tryna help hahahaha O.o

  51. how about a dance off dance offs are so much fun.. anyone can were anything they want but must have a high score of 1000 or greater.

  52. Miss T 12 years ago

    maybe a poem about PST, what it means to us, what its for us n what it gives to us as creative artists

    Winner! I love the idea of a simple poem!

  53. Trisha 12 years ago

    Ok, originally I was thinking about kind of a Home trivia game, where we come up with a list of questions and you have to search Home public spaces for the answers. For example, “What phone number is written on the wall of the newstand at the Playground?” All participants would be given the list of questions and spaces where to look so they could pre-download them. Then everone is given a certain number of time to answer the questions. Each question will be worth a certain number of points and when the time runs out, the top 5 scores get the codes. We can meet at a clubhouse where the questions would be posted to the bulletin there. The questions can be posted on the site as well, but only after the event starts. When time runs out, everyone is to return to the clubhouse and answers are submitted via XMB message or message on PST.

    T-Baby – Winner and Winning Idea!
    (Combined ideas made this a winner: T-Baby, Natsamson, Mark and tyrianna324)

  54. SunnyPath 12 years ago

    Sounds like your trying to stack the deck lol (just kiddin ) ~_^

  55. Ok my idea is to have people do a Zoot suit gangster comic book..short story very simple rules (pictures and text) 5 get codes..

  56. What about storyboar submissions? Anyone interested in getting a code could write up a backstory on a character based on the collection and submit the story here, then you can pick out the stories you like and reward them with a code. then maybe as thanks, the people rewarded could take a picture or have a picture of them in character with their story as like a flyer. i’m sure the story would have to have some limitations for that to happen, but not a bad idea to link it with the clothing line.

  57. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Hey, hey Nat! I’m a fan of scavenger hunts; not only on PST but Home as well. For this to work, just like I mentioned below, we need a leader to think this through. Holidays are great to use for things like this, like a turkey hunt or Xmas presents.

    In regards to the codes, i don’t know about you but rushing to enter a code only to discover it’s not valid is a boo to me and it only takes one time to learn a lesson.

    How can we do this where it’s a sure win?
    How can we incorporate the Home environment?

  58. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Hi Martin.

    PST members are and will be the driving force behind the virtual items developed by us. Issuing codes for a creative design is hardly an equal reward. The Shadows Collection, both men’s and ladies were designed by members here. Because we needed to keep the announcement that PST was awarded a publishers license somewhat confidential, we couldn’t seek input on a site wide basis. Now that it’s out, we can seek community input on a regular basis.

    For any design created by a PST member, I have a special reward. A code is great but not enough but doesn’t mean we can’t give with. In time, we will see this roll out. Just so everyone knows, we have more items coming soon, all planned before the announcement. Oh… We’re on our way to the EU any day now!

  59. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Hey Gutter. A competition like this sounds fun but it would really need a true leader from start to finish. To give all members the opportunity to participate can be complicated. Any ideas on how it can be structured fairly?

  60. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Good morning Tyrianna. This is something that we should always do at every PST event. As we roll out video content and hold premiere parties, the Events Director @nicole should have codes as giveaways. Well plan this for future parties. Thanks!

  61. Author
    The Director 12 years ago

    Hi Daz. Video contests are fun but we need to consider effort vs. reward. We all know video is not easy and though the codes are priceless, a reward for video production must be greater. However, you do have me thinking. To be continued…

  62. I have a nice idea, post them to pages on the site like back in easter ๐Ÿ™‚ little pictures and when you click the picture you recieve the code but you wont know if the code has been used so you have to be quick about it.. when all the codes are used just delete the pics and post saying they have all been found ๐Ÿ™‚

    Natsamson – Winner and Winning Idea!
    (Combined ideas made this a winner: T-Baby, Natsamson, Mark and tyrianna324)

  63. martin133h 12 years ago

    design pst members clothing it has to have pst logo on it some where best 5win

  64. mr gutter pants 12 years ago

    why not invite random members over and have a poker game or some sorta game competition and winner takes home prize

  65. tyrianna324 12 years ago

    well if you just want a fun way of getting rid of a bunch of codes why not just simply have a party with a bunch of PST members you know music dancing games and then just randomly give them away. you can always start the party in an overflow server with some friendly competition at black powder cove or group together to defend the realm from nasty bugs in mercia then unwind in X7 or a club space with some music and conversation after that just hand out a few codes to some random people.

  66. Dazzy 12 years ago

    A video contest?

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