Hello! Thanks for visiting the Headshot Department … Your first step to becoming famous!

Every member is entitled to receive an Official PSTALENT.COM Headshot, they’re fun to take, fun to look at… and best of all they’re Free!


Just like professional agents and casting directors in the real world, we use these headshots to help us select potential candidates for both print and video projects in our world. The whole purpose of your headshot is to get you noticed.


Headshots are the primary tool for actors to promote themselves. Besides, when you become famous and you have a fan club, what will you send to all your fans? A headshot with your signature of course!


If you would like to take a headshot, just contact any one of the individuals above to schedule a photo shoot.


If you have questions, you can post them to the Director’s wire or send him a personal message. Have yourself a Great Time!


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