I have scheduled a headshot photo shoot for:

  • Thursday Feb 24th 5pm Pacific – 7 pm Pacific.

A photo shoot should take about 5 minutes and I’ll be shooting in my Toy Story Space (I like the lighting).


Sample headshot

Sample Headshot

 If you do not have a headshot and would like to get one, Please follow these steps:

  1. Next shoot day is  Thursday  Feb 24th 5pm Pacific – 7 pm Pacific. Add a comment below with the time you would like to attend.
  2. Add username : PS_TALENT_AGENCY to your friends list.
  3. Wear something exciting. May I suggest that you browse thru the previous headshots to get an idea of what NOT to wear. Try not to wear something that’s already been worn.
  4. Show up when I send the friend invite.

Depending on how many headshots I shoot, I should have them up on the site the same day as the shoot. I’ll give you a better time frame the day of the shoot.

If you have any questions, please post them below.

Thanks so much! ~ DOD

  • Thursday Feb 24th 5pm Pacific – 7 pm Pacific.
    1. nony 13 years ago

      if i saw you online .. can i get my headshot fast ? because im not in USA right now .. so i dont know the time ..

    2. Jerry 13 years ago

      Just post to my messages when next shoot is and I’ll make sure I’m johnny on the spot anytime anyplace anywhere just let me know . THANK YOU!

    3. Kodi 13 years ago

      Hello, I may be too late,
      but could anytime between 8:00PM – 11:00PM (or whatever works for you) Eastern Time work?
      It’s after 7 here, but I believe it’s earlier in your time zone.
      name: kodidobbs

    4. Des 13 years ago

      Yeah I kind of figure that would be the case with the timezones. I could be up for it Thursday, but if it puts a wrench in your plans then I’ll just go whenever your free! 🙂 thanks for the headsup!

    5. Des 13 years ago

      When you say send a “Friend Request” your refering to PSN yes?

    6. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Lisha, the times are posted. Wednesday Feb 16th 5pm Pacific – 7 pm Pacific. Can you make it during those hours?

    7. Lisha 13 years ago

      5 pm on tuesday.

    8. Lisha 13 years ago

      misshbk15 @ 5 pm 🙂

    9. Burbs 13 years ago

      I have only one problem with getting a head shot, I don’t have a single slot open on my friends list, lol,or a single person I can delete either. It is one of the problems you incur when you have a large club in Home. I have a second account I can use to get the shot under Burbie_52. I will have to send a request from that one, then you can use the other name I am here as. My avatars are identical so no problem there. Will this be ok?

    10. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Hey Des. Yeah… The time difference is a problem … unless you’re up at 2 in the morning. I’ll get back to you on a time. As far as the other thing, just send a friend request to PS_TALENT_AGENCY and I’ll invite you to the space where I shoot. Thanks

    11. Des 13 years ago

      Um.. I would like to be a part and have a headshot. But there are many things I am confused about right now. I am in DK time (@ this time it is 22:00 10PM) I don’t know what time would fit for you DOD. The second is How is this showing up going to work?

    12. Zasha 13 years ago

      Okay then sunday 2pm

    13. Zasha 13 years ago

      January 27 or 28 if 27 then at 10am pacific and if on 28 then at 2pm.

    14. Comic 13 years ago

      Friday, January 28th 7pm

    15. Black Rose 13 years ago

      Pm sry i 4got to add that

    16. oldcatsrock 13 years ago

      Giving up on getting a new head shot.
      I’m liking the shot DOD got from the calendar shoot.
      If some one could PLEASE frame it, That would be perfect.

    17. Jerry 13 years ago

      Sometime after Feb. 3rd I’ll be ready for headshot plus you said you need hard working photographers i have a good eye for detail an 5yrs in 4-H in photography thank you sir for listening to me

    18. Black Rose 13 years ago

      Jan 26th 12-6 cst

    19. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Hi! Welcome to PST!

    20. DefinitionOfCute 13 years ago

      I Would Like To scheldue for a photoshoot on 1/24/10 at 8:00pm or 8:30 pm, or 1/25/10 at 8:00 or 8:30pm, ThankYou!!!

    21. ((_Crayola_))> 13 years ago

      sunday jan 30th 1pm

    22. Jesse 13 years ago

      saturday january 22 around 4:30 central time FLAMETHROWER13-5

    23. HeadHunter 13 years ago

      What exactly are you looking for DOD? Private msg me to anywhere you want (PS3 or PSTalent!).

    24. godfather 13 years ago

      jan 22 at 6pm eastern time

    25. oldcatsrock 13 years ago

      Heya Doddsy,
      I would still like another Head shot if there is time left on Sunday..
      Let me know.

    26. Sel <3 13 years ago

      Sunday Jan. 23, At 1 ? (:

    27. quasar338 13 years ago

      Hello, sorry for not repling erlier pc has been down and just go e-mail but, I can be there on the 22 at the suggested times. I’m in florida but, ill mae sure tobe on home then. thank you quasar338

    28. Krissie 13 years ago

      oh i’m Mean_Baby86 on psh

    29. Krissie 13 years ago

      I am available Sunday Jan 23rd between the hours that are posted.

    30. Blasko 13 years ago

      I’d like to get a headshot done. Sunday, January 23. between 12pm & 1pm Pacific would work best for me.

    31. SEE (SeeImage_inc) 13 years ago

      just had my head shoot done & it was a fun time… It was nice 2 meet some members & DOD himself. Cant wait 2 work with yeas… 🙂

      SEE yea later!!!!

    32. Gaga 13 years ago

      Andd yes! Thats PST! Just makinqq shuree!! :DD

    33. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      5:30 eastern is 3:30 my time. no problem.

    34. icarly1 13 years ago

      idk lets say eastern like virginia eastern

    35. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      @icarly1985 Not a problem. You deserve a headshot … I’ll shoot you on Sunday at 5:30 (is that pacific time?)

    36. icarly1 13 years ago

      ok edit since sunday is from 12-2pm thats out of the water and then saturday is looking like a bust as well nvm then sorry for wasting your time director

    37. icarly1 13 years ago

      I don’t really know if i want a headshot now it’s almost been what 2 3 months with no reply whatsoever, o well put me idk put me sunday anywhere from 5pm onward and I’ll show up

    38. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      ah.. don’t pay attention to that. I was just making a note to myself. lol

    39. brad 13 years ago

      ummmm. detectivelaw? I don’t think that is who you are replying to 😉

    40. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Noted! See you there. Thanks.

    41. Arrow of truth... 13 years ago

      cool..put me down for saturday january 8th. at any time that u see fit.. thx

    42. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      5:30 Reserved for Gaga 🙂 Thanks

    43. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      4:30 your time is perfect. Thanks.

    44. Gaga 13 years ago

      Count me in! Saturday @ 5:30pm! Thankk Yhuu!
      Gagaa! xPP

    45. Spice 13 years ago

      So thats 4:30 pm my time if i got this right….lol I’m on eastern time zone

    46. Spice 13 years ago

      I would love to have a photoshoot done sunday say 1:30ish just let me know thanks

    47. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      @kisom Hi. Please send me a friend request PS_TALENT_AGENCY. Thanks

    48. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Hello Sue. I’m sorry for all the issues you’ve had. I’ll do my best to make it up 🙂 See you then. ~ DOD

    49. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      @eiggulp Vous y voir. Tout le plaisir est pour moi ~ DOD

    50. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      @crystal198 See you then 🙂

    51. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      @julia711 Perfet. See you then.

    52. Sue 13 years ago

      Aloha DOD
      , I tried for 2 months to get a headshot..I got tired of being put off buy those 2 guys.its like they didnt care..anyways …I can be there for you on Sunday at 1pm PST if that works for you..Sue

    53. Gabby 13 years ago

      I too would like Photoshoot on Sat as well if can XD. I am available entire day .Merci beaucoup

    54. crystal198 13 years ago

      I would like to get my headshot done on saturday as well 🙂

    55. Evy 13 years ago

      Count me in on the Saturday Photo Shoot 4-6pm…(7-9pm eastern).
      I will add PS_TALENT_AGENCY today when I get home 🙂

      Thanks so much!

    56. Ki-Som 13 years ago

      I would be interested, send a friend request and let me know when you wish to do it.

    57. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      We’ll see. But you’re right… those who do not have one should be first.

    58. oldcatsrock 13 years ago

      Heya DOD,
      I know there are some new family members that should be first on the head shots, So take care of that first and fore most.
      I would like to have another one done, On another account.
      Sunday near the end would be good if your free, Or if its okay.
      That would give me a lil time then to fix my face up, To match this one.
      Just let me know, And I’ll send ya the Acct, name.
      Any way It’s up to you if there is extra time.

    59. Mark 13 years ago

      i might but i have to talk to them. I dont know if they have the time

    60. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      Saturday it is. thanks

    61. weslleysantos112 13 years ago

      I can do it on Saturday, January 8th any time between 3 & 5 pm…

    62. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      very good! See you then 🙂

    63. SEE (SeeImage_inc) 13 years ago

      I can do it on Saturday, January 8th any time between 4 & 6pm…

      This should be fun, I’m really excited… 🙂

    64. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      I’d like to focus on those who don’t have one first. I’d like to do more with photography but I can’t seem to find someone who has the time and graphic skills. Know anyone?

    65. Mark 13 years ago

      Can i get my head shot redone

    66. Author
      The Director 13 years ago


    67. Jin Lovelace 13 years ago

      I would like to join the Sunday shoot. Anytime between the allotted time will be great. 😀

    68. Author
      The Director 13 years ago

      excellent. I’ll send an invite. tdarb kozzzmo mrusatlas

    69. MissMajor 13 years ago

      I’d like to do the photoshoot on Sat. at 4pm please.

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