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Hi ^_* I’m Sierra Salvatori I’m a Foreman At General Motors , I’m A Computer Science Student At Kent State University This Is My Last Year Of College I’ll Have My Bachelors Degree In Computer Science Thank You God I’m Also A Model I Love The Lockwood Publishing Runway You’ll Find Me There All The Time Coming Down The Runway With Style And Class I Love It , I’m A True Gamer On Sony Favorite Game , GTAIV And Saint Row 3 Which Right Now I’m Tearing Steelport Up AKA mafia_style24 on Home Everyone Knows Me As : MAFIA => Underboss Of The: GENOVESE ITALIAN MAFIA FAMILY We ‘re A Low Key FAMILY We Dn’t Like Trouble And We Dn’t Aloud Drama In Our Family Period Or You ‘ll Be Immediately Terminated You Must Respect Sony First And Their Staff And Their Volunteers And Guides, In Our Family And Others On Home And Other Familie’s Alliances And Their Freinds At ALL Times ,Our Major Rule And ALL Newbies On Home As Well Or You Are Not Respecting Sony First To Us That We Wn’t Have, I ‘m Proud To Be A Member Of Home God Bless http://serria24.wordpress.com/ http://rgohfashion101.webs.com/

Favorite PS3 Game

GTAIV And Saint Row 3 ,Mass Effect ,Godfather 2, Mafia 2, The Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and The Need For Speed Run , Golden eye 007 , assassin creed revelations Beta ,Battledfield Beta Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception , Midnight club The Complete Edition

Favorite PS3 Hangout Spot

Lockwood Publishing Runway , The Hub, Playstation Vita Lounge , The Pier , Singstar , Motorstorm, The Godfather ,The Mall Shopping Crazy LOL , Sodium 2 And My Awesome Clubhouse’s And Space’s Compliments Of Sony Entertainment And Playstation Home , Thank you ! God I Love It ^_*