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A multi-talented, multiple-personality type. Good with story writing. Started learning to use compositors, like Blender or AfterEffects. Yes I’m a girl. LEGIT. Tend to switch avis from time to time, if not frequent. My only defense from male stalkers and spammers that congregate in pretty much ALL public spaces. My niece and brother also use my account as it is a family system. They’re pretty cool and are fans of mine, as well as PST. Some people may find this confusing, but there are ways to tell who’s who. (Voice through headset and the way each avatar acts.) You may also notice the user name on the Youtube and Twitter. These are managed by my older brother as I have employed him for Network IT and Public Relations roles, so I can focus on productions. There’s only so much a single person can do on her own! Heh, heh! Just to give the PST community a heads up. I am a member of PS Home club, Nietono no Nohwell. Improving my technique slowly. NOTE: My avi falls ALOT. Just as in real, I am quite shy and clumsy. If you’re on Home and see me fall at Sully’s bar, you’ve come to the right place. “I cope with the mystic and mischief the forest has to give me. I love the voice they speak in and the volume of their words. The wolves and the crows and the eagles show me the spiritual paths I got to walk on. Stand quietly in the forest and listen to it speak back to you. Don’t fear the sounds your hearing. They are just introducing themselves to you.”

Favorite PS3 Game

Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3, Sports Champions, Rockband, Assassin’s Creed, GRID, GTA 4, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Dead Nation, From Dust, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Mass Effect 2, Timeshift, Medal of Honor/Medal of Honor Frontline

Favorite PS3 Hangout Spot

Sunset Yacht. Impressive scenery, Good LOOT EOD content. Very relaxing. The new Granzella space. Awesome photo shoot location, especially when sporting my leopard print bikinis. Siren Lounge, whenever my dark side takes over. Look for “The Lady In Red”. As I am known by those that frequent the space regularly. The Hub and corresponding core spaces.(Action District, Pier Park, Adventure District), Blaster’s Paradise, my strip joint(I mean Musicality space), my mansion, Darla’s Den obviously(hot tub…….), Cutteridge Estate, Bonk (that place is MASSIVE!), ALL of my personal spaces.

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Acting, Modeling


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