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    - "Director I am sorry to have missed your B-Day party… But on behalf of my absence I would jus like to wish you personally a happy birthday and to hope that it was your best yet… By your post it already looks […]"View
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    - "im saleing ps3 gAmes in a low price hmu if ur from santa ana, C.A"View
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    - ""View
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    - "Hello everyone — Hope you are well! That’s me by the way 🙂"View
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    - "Seems I missed a lot on the variety show. Good thing I can always catch up with the EOD."View
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    - "Hi PST Community! How have you all been?"View
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    - "What’s up PST?! Just stopping by to make some changes to my profile. Just wanted to correct my title seeing as I was a PREVIOUS Photo Director and didn’t want anymore confusion for Switch. I’m just still proud of […]"View
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    - "Hi 😀 😀 😀 uhh one question, isnt there a way to write your friends messages in private now? the site is very cool, but im totally lost in many things i am used to. but, ill be okay 😀"View
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    - "Hey Guys. What’s new so far? I haven’t been here in a while."View
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    - "Project X."View
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    - "Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and say “Hello, hello, hello”. Hope everyone is doing alright and keeping up the amazing work that I have seen in the past."View
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    - "Oh my, so many new faces! I’m so behind on everything and everyone ):"View
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    - "Hi PSTalent, I’m back 🙂"View
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    - "Beauty, Fashion and Art define who I am.."View
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    - "Hello everyone and Goodmorning just check on y’all and I missed y’all a lot I haven’t been on because I been busy but I’m trying my best to come back 🙂"View
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    - "Hey PST, will you listen to this song, it’s new but he’s my friend who sings this and he wants to see what people think befour he goes to producing songs. 😀 thanks!"View
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    - "Thank you PS Talent for the tremendous amount of replies that the Home Expo survey has been receiving! It will remain active and continue to collect data for quite some time. If you haven’t already chimed in or […]"View
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    - "Do me a favor, go to my blog and Download my new single “Tired Of Old Things” Ft. MzFancy and also be on the look out for my 3rd Mixtape on 12.11.10 “My Little Fantasy” @"View
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    - "Hi People, I know that I log on PSTalent little but I’m usually logged on my FaceBook and I also have a Twitter I’m sorry for my bad English [,_,] THX U Bye <3 FaceBook : htt […]"View
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    - "what’s new? apparently everything."View
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    - "i just want to give a shout out to DOD, for the amazing job he did on our HOMEstyle MAGAZINE banner. Thanks DOD you rock!!!"View