Looking to get your machinima video or music out to a fun and exciting audience? If you’re here, chances are you’ve been hand-picked to join our group of talented artists. Congratulations!

Below you will find the Segment License Agreement, but here are a few answers to questions you may have:

[toggle title=”Why is this form needed?”]Because PSTALENT broadcasts on a Sony-owned platform, we must adhere to very strict guidelines which protect all parties, including you. Any and all content we broadcast must be licensed by the legal owner of the content to prevent copyright infringement as required by contract. PSTALENT respects the intellectual property of others and takes the protection of copyrights and all other intellectual property very seriously, and we ask our Artists and Producers to do the same.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Does all content I submit have to be 100% royalty free?”]

Yes. Even if you use sound effects or a quick sound bite of a song. If you have a license to use the audio, please share it with us. We’ll review it to make sure it satisfies the legal requirements. If it was original produced music and you do not have a license, you may have the owner submit a Music Submission here. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Who owns my segment?”]

You do! Submitting this form does not grant us ownership; only a license to use it. If your content is used as part of a production (mixed in with other content), we may own the production but will not claim ownership to your content.


[toggle title=”Will you sell my segment?”]

No. We will NOT sell your segment without your permission. We currently sell an audio delivery device; a 3D virtual item such as the Junkmobile Sofa/Radio needed to broadcast the content as a whole (the show) but we will not sell songs or segments.


[toggle title=”Who is eligible to submit content?”]

At this time, submission of content is open only to individual legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who, at the time of submission, are age 18 or older. This is due to the Agreement as it is only written to cover the United States region. We are working on an International Agreement.


[toggle title=”Are all vocal guests required to grant permission?”]

Yes. If you are producing a show and someone lends their voice for recording (paid guests or not), an Authorization to Use Likeness form is required. This form is widely used in the entertainment industry. We have made it easy for your guests to complete this form; they may do so by visiting this page here.



The following form is needed before any segment can broadcast in PlayStation Home. Please understand, PSTALENT has been working with Sony for several years, we know exactly what it is like having to submit such detailed information but it’s something that cannot be avoided. Some day, when you are a huge success with hundreds of videos or songs floating around, you’ll appreciate all those who protect the assets of your hard work.






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