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    - "Bringing Miss Ember Reigns to ps home!!! follow me on twitter @LoveBerkley"View
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    - "Hello everyone — Hope you are well! That’s me by the way 🙂"View
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    - "Happy July 4th Everyone"View
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    - "So… I’m back. Like seriously. For real this time. What does that mean??? Means that I’m working on stuff for Director already. lol =D MISS YOU GUYS!"View
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    - "Just waiting for my chance to shine."View
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    - "I got a demo code for Atom Universe in EU since I funded their kickstarted campaign. Glad to see PST there."View
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    - "Create yourself new Avatar check it out!!"View
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    - "Hope everyone is doing well! xx CallMeBlondi is my new ID if anyone ever wants to add me again! x"View
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    - "i haven’t been on this website for a long time"View
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    - "Well . . . Where do i start? I got invited for PStalent over 6 years ago. I was just a 16 year old PS Home enthousiast with a love for filmmaking. Astonished by seeing a community like this, I spent hours of my […]"View
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    - "Please refer to my previous posts, especially to the Community group for more info on Atom Republic’s Atom Universe which I have helped with from the beginning for over 2 1/2 years. If you haven’t already, Join us […]"View
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    - "Director I am sorry to have missed your B-Day party… But on behalf of my absence I would jus like to wish you personally a happy birthday and to hope that it was your best yet… By your post it already looks […]"View
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    - "Hello everyone! I haven’t been online for quite a while but i’m back now. Happy to be here! 🙂"View
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