PSTALENT.COM would like to present to you our very first seasonal catalogue! We showcase creative collections worn in Home, mixed with the models’ savvy tastes, flaunted by seductive walks and poses. A testament and proof that what applies to the real world, applies in our world; It’s not what you wear … It’s how you wear it.

Click the catalogue page for a larger view. Click the expansion box on the top right for maximum view.

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Our goal is to continue showcasing our models each season, and highlight exceptional talent. This is an excellent way for our members to keep active and showoff their skills.

THANK YOU –  To all the models featured in this catalogue, for taking the time to do photo shoots… and re-shoots. For being patient during this initial volume… really patient. To the production team on the photos, designs, texts, and having lots of patience. It has been a memorable experience, and we will continue to fine tune this process!


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