• thereallennie posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    Well . . . Where do i start?
    I got invited for PStalent over 6 years ago.
    I was just a 16 year old PS Home enthousiast with a love for filmmaking.
    Astonished by seeing a community like this, I spent hours of my time working for this group of fellow talents!
    Becoming friends with people from all over the country I felt so much joy in all the time I “wasted”.
    Always looking up to the big man known as Director_On_Duty.

    Sadly as the years passed, many complications arose in my adolescent private life, these caused me to become innactive from the community and eventaully just . . . Leave.

    Every now and then i’d think back of the memories, but today I felt like logging on for the first time in so long and see how PStalent fares withouth a HOME.
    And i’m absolutely amazed to see the community is just as strong as ever!

    To wrap up this long rant of mine.
    I just want to say 3 things!
    1- Thank you so much D.O.D and everyone else for the amazing time and experience you gave me!
    2 – I truly hope PStalent can rise again (And upload more video’s on youtube 😉 ), be it in Atom Universe or some other way.
    And 3 – I am mighty proud of seeing how PStalent, after all these years, is most deffinitly still alive!

    Happy new year and much love to all of you!
    Sincerely, the now 22 year old Lenny.


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