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Hello There! My Name is Carter but you Can call me Meech i Live in Manhatten, New York And my age is 22 and Living a Happy Life 😀 I’m here to Make friends be Happy And be a good fellow PSTalent Member i’m also Kind, Nice, And friendly, i Love to laugh and make Jokes because it what makes good friendship Im Nice cunning Guy With Really Nice Manners i treat everybody With the respect they should be treated. On the Same note i do work So maybe i wont be on Everyday But i’ll be Online most of the time And i’m always on Playstation Home or either Just Online on my Playstation, So there’s a little Backround information on me hope you Liked what you read because that must have took you at least a couple of Minuites to read Lol. 😀 😀 Well Anyway Call me Meech And i’m very glad to meet you Lots of Respect from Meech! “Smashout catch me up”…

Favorite PS3 Game

My All time Favourite Game is Grand Theft Auto IV The reason for this because It has the right boxes for me Such as free Roam, Real life, Simulation and Etc.. On the same note Grand Theft Auto IV has Aspects of being in a Real City And that Makes me feel way Cool, to be in Liberty City. Anyway I also Love Playstation Home that is my All time Fav, i can List 3 words to describe Home. – Absoluitley Amazingly Great. See there you go My 3 words to Describe Playstation Home. cha cha. 😀 😀 So Anything Else you would Like to Know Just ask! On the other hand I Do play other game but as it says “Favourite PS3 Game” Hmm so i’m just telling you what the title says eh sounds god dosn’t it Lol Well anyways thankyou ever soo much for Looking My Little Stalkers! I’m kidding ut Nice meeting You Everybody!….

Favorite PS3 Hangout Spot

My Favourite spots In Playstation Home Are:

Personal Spaces
Diesal Island
Pier Park
The Playground

My Talents



Free all the time


Acting, Modeling


Producing Machinima, Recording Machinima, Magazine Column Writing


PS3 Headset, Computer Headset


Hello My Name is Carter, From i live in Florida currently working for Linden Lab, I Am always Free so hit me up when ever you like, i do Also work so half the time im at work. But thanks for Reading and a big “HELLO” from me to Everybody..