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I am contracted with PSTalent and available for voice acting in videos. I also enjoy avatar acting, modeling, and creating sound effects. I use Audacity and Sony Sound Forge for audio, Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop for photos, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas Pro for video/audio.

I have appeared in several videos in the PST theater for both voice and acting. My credits include: the original Noob Away video, Santa’s voice, The Hobo and other parts. I have also modeled in fashion shows for both AD’s and in the FloMi Twins show.

I married BlackRoseGoddess (Rose here on PST) online in August ’13. She is extremely talented with a college degree in Graphic Arts; she writes scripts and does design work.

I am also on the Board of Directors at the Home Decorator Guild led by Boxer_Lady, and a Leader of the Pixel Home Design decorator club. My members show and tour each other’s personal decorated spaces in Home every other week.

I have a Masters Degree in Business Management and enjoy advising non-profit organizations on formation and fundraising events.

Favorite PS3 Game

The Last of Us
Any Assassin’s Creed

Favorite PS3 Hangout Spot

Any sunny spot with a beach, because I love the ocean.