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    - "Hello everyone — Hope you are well! That’s me by the way 🙂"View
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    - "It would be great if we could watch those Pstalent videos. And wondered if we would get to the PS4??"View
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    - "Create yourself new Avatar check it out!!"View
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    - "Please refer to my previous posts, especially to the Community group for more info on Atom Republic’s Atom Universe which I have helped with from the beginning for over 2 1/2 years. If you haven’t already, Join us […]"View
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    - "Its the Birth of Nebula realms today thx Sony for making this happen hope I see the worlds finest there as well:)"View
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    - "Some production Photos for my new Trailer im working on. A lot to still do."View
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    - "I finally have my newly-built pc running! So glad that have a computer that actually works well."View
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    - "Hi PST Community! How have you all been?"View
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    - "Seahawks won!!!!!!!! Turn up 😀"View
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    - ""View
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    - "You look so beautiful Trish ^_^"View
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    - ""View
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    - "Heads up, PST! PlayStation MVPs and I are giving out codes for 50 orbs in (free-to-play) Destiny of Spirits today! I’ll be giving out 5 codes in 25 mins here: (Update with other […]"View
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    - "Well, I posted a new avatar too, thankfully I could have blue hair."View