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    I have experience in all of the above. One main thing I have noticed are a lot of random errors and broken links. I haven’t looked at any code yet. The next time I have any issues, I will make sure to take a look

    • Just a quick look, main page has the page selector in the wrong part of the code, needs to be put into the middle so it is not off to the left by itself.

    • Fatal error: Call to undefined function vt_resize() in /home/pstalent/public_html/wp-content/themes/parallelus-mingle/framework/theme-functions/buddypress.php on line 102

    • I could go on but basically, looks like you need someone to clean up a lot of coding. Let me know if you need some help.

    • Howdy. thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am aware of the issues and working on an update very soon – that will solve most everything. I just need to have a free weekend because updates are never easy. Thanks for looking out. 🙂


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