• c312vlow posted a new status update:

    This is how i got to be in youtube with dod….First i was in the mall doing the float glitch which is patched when Azizaka went up to me and said want to be on youtube i said yes so i joined him with 6 other people and it didnt go so well lol…2 days later we kept doin v ideos but never uploaded it but then Azizaka told me about this kewl dude named Director on Duty…When i met him he was really nice and took our first headshots…Some people are always a fake (no offense Azizaka) but dod is the best and real.. and then things were getting built up like this site and new recruits..Since now dod is still being the best director and keeps it up..Everyone can be a star on ps3 soo if this actually happens Lets give a big thank you to dod for making us stars..thats all for today bye ~C312VLOW

    14 years ago


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