• Animus_Requiem / Brett Armstrong (Writing Director) posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    Now I am on vacation! I think I will spend my vacation at PSTalent.com!!!…. *mumbles* and secretly buy a new computer that does blue screen of death on me to go on to my editing but in the mean time… *EHEM* Enjoy PSTALENT!!!

    • Hiya Animus! Hadn’t seen you on the site in a while, even though I see you on PSN from time to time. So you’re on vacation and taking a break from being an officer hunh? That’s awesome! Good to see you and hope to talk to you soon! 😀

      • eheheh much oblidged. Forgot to spell check/ check my sentences. I meant “buy a computer that WONT blue screen of death on me” as this one does on and off. I think its dead.

        Anyone know if they have a hauppage that has an HDMI connection? Thatd be swell ^_^

        Any time I get to go on PSN is either for gaming or watching something to fall asleep to (the later more often than not).

        Never be afraid to chat me up boys and girls!!!

        • Sorry, I don’t have a PVR, but are you asking because you are going to be making videos again? It’s been a while & that would be so great! As always, I’ll help you however I can. Watching something to fall asleep to hunh? What if I chatted you to sleep? lol 😛


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