• The Director posted an update 8 years, 12 months ago

    Hello PST members!

    As you may already know, Sony made the announcement of Home’s closure on March 31, 2015 and though it was a strategic decision on the part of Sony, it affects the community of Home in a way they will never truly understand. I am not yet ready to make any announcements regarding our future but I can assure you – good talent will always rise to the top. To be continued…


    • DOD we love you and I hope we can still work together and enjoy new challenges in the futire maybe thru another social media we have GTA and IMVU even the Sims but there will never be a place like home 🙁 I’m crying….

    • Ik I haven’t been on but it does suck that home is ending. I do have a film for you if I haven’t missed a deadline for October. Would have been done months ago, but between my actual film that will be in the local theater in my town October 5th and the fact I started film school at Arts Institute I’ve been kinda busy.

    • This is a very sad time for everyone. I hope we all can stay together somehow 🙁

    • Although it is indeed sad that Sony has decided to close the book on Home, it’s by no means a show stopper. Veemee, Hellfire and others will have their own releases coming soon. It is no surprise that this was going to happen eventually. Perhaps the hackers made it happen sooner than even Sony expected, but none the less we all knew this was coming. I’m looking forward to the future on PS4 and I know that each and every one of you reading this will join me there for bigger and better times ahead. Because we have this website available we will never lose touch and we will be able to get re-organized and create the magic that the world expects from us. So keep your sunny side up and be ready for new excitement.

    • Whatever the future holds for us at PST, I’m down! Home may be shutting down, but there is a talented group of people here who I’m sure will always shine no matter what. I’m thankful for Home ever existing at all because it brought many of us together and I’ll always be proud to be a member of PST! I’m excited for what lies ahead as our bond can always transcend any virtual world! 😀


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