Join us Sunday, May 27th for the filming of The Spotlight.
Who: The Assistant/Casting Director – Cocobaby_84
Directed by: DOD
What: The Spotlight – Season 2
Where: Cocobaby_84’s Space and DOD’s Space
When: Sunday, May 27th
  • Noon – 2pm Pacific (KoZzZMO, Nurse Oops, and Hospital Extras will be filmed at this time)
  • 2:30pm-4:30pm Pacific (The Assistant Director, The Spaghetti Guy, and the Camera Operators will be filmed at this time)
  • 5pm-6pm Pacific (The Announcer will be filmed at this time)


If you wish to participate, please be sure to reply down below. We will meet in the club named Casting House to check your wardrobe.

For Wardrobe:

  • Nurse Oops Wardrobe: Nurse Outfit
  • Camera Operators Wardrobe: Wear hats, jeans, and plain T. No Logos!
  • Hospital Extras Wardrobe: Wear whatever you want, but no logos or silly wear.
  • The Announcer: Must wear something that makes her look sexy.
  • Do not wear animated clothing like jet packs, glowies, fires, big heads, animals (no pets), etc.

The total time of the shoot is unknown. Keep in mind that your attentiveness and attendance affects how long it takes to film.

Last, but not least:

Be sure to have a clear schedule when participating in this filming for the hours vary due to attentiveness and attendance. We are looking for dependable actors! All PST members are welcomed.

We are headed into a very busy production schedule. If you are not selected for this particular shoot, stay tuned for more opportunities. We would like to cast as many Actors as possible.

Thank you! See you on the big screen!

  1. Lizardwrestler99 9 years ago

    I could get used to this acting thing. I’m celebrating by barbequing in a bikini. LOL! Yesterday was fun! 🙂

  2. Same. Hopefully some more people will turn out, but I’ve prepared just in case, and will be there on standby.

  3. YAMIYUGI 9 years ago

    Yea im part of da camera crew. Its a start

  4. Aiden 9 years ago

    At 2:30PST I can be there for a cameraman I suppose :D, I wont be here for the first filming with being a hospital extra but its better than nothing!

  5. StephieRawks 9 years ago

    Reminder to all: Please have your outfits ready and show up at least 30 minutes early for the wardrobe check so the actual filming can start on time! 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout, but I’ll be there in case you need another nurse, hospital extra, camera operator or whatever.

  6. Ashley 9 years ago

    Hi, I’d love to just be an extra… Aaaaaaaahhhh, cant wait!!! XD

  7. sue 9 years ago

    Can’t wait I”ll be there

  8. sue 9 years ago

    I”ll be there too

  9. I could have sworn I posted here. Anyway, yeah. I can be there tomorrow. 🙂

  10. Aiden 9 years ago

    I can definetely make it to this one, I can try out to be a hosptial extra, yea I’ll go with that 😀

  11. 🙂 OMG i want to help out 😀

  12. S.S. Shjon 9 years ago

    hey i would be happy to help

  13. The Director 9 years ago


  14. I’m in. 🙂

  15. sweetlight 9 years ago

    cool I have a nurses uniform

  16. king_of_games30 9 years ago

    I would like to be a part of this

  17. king_of_games30 9 years ago

    I have the M.I.B. suit would that be acceptable….

  18. Joanna 9 years ago

    Nurse Oops will be there. She’s thinking of driving so “watch it”. :p

  19. Lizardwrestler99 9 years ago

    And I have plenty of space for adds too, just in case I need to add anybody.

  20. Lizardwrestler99 9 years ago

    As stated on my page, I’m available nights and weekends.

  21. Lizardwrestler99 9 years ago

    I would like to give this a try. If there is a nurse or receptionist part open, I’ll take it. Background action while primary scene plays out.

  22. The Director 9 years ago

    Yes. Nurse Alice will return! Coming soon.

  23. FireHouse822 9 years ago

    love to help out with this too. see you Sunday!

  24. Lilnicki330 9 years ago

    yes plz i have been waiting for the spotlight for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dяєαmσℓιαh 9 years ago

    aww very cool, i would love to help out too 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 i can also wear whatever i want, im good with that lol 😀

  26. Trisha 9 years ago

    Yays! Would love to help out with this too. I still remember the time when I was Nurse Alice during Spotlight 3.1. Will she be seen again? Or any other nurses needed? If not, I’d like to try to be the announcer. I got some secci outfits that I think you’d like 😀

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