PSTalent Entertainment broadcasts “in-game” on the PlayStation 3 game console, specifically, in the PSTalent Movie Theater in both North America and European regions, as well as the Sony Pictures LOOT Entertainment On Demand platform and the LOOT Space Station Theater.


Most videos are showcased on the PlayStation but here are a few videos released on Youtube:


The Lawman of Home

PSTALENT is proud to release this special presentation of the Spotlight – A western themed short story featuring an original song “The Lawman of Home” performed by Keith Medlin. Enjoy the show!


A PSTALENT Christmas Special

From all of us – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The Spotlight Season Finale Episode 3.2

When we return to him, KozZzmo is still waiting at the hospital for any word that he can receive about the Director. But as with any Spotlight production the show must go on and this becomes apparent when the Assistant Director calls him to remind him that they have to film another Episode of the Spotlight. Since this episode features special guest Narde15 of Gamer Indepth, and guest announcer Darkan12-nl, he doesn’t want to miss it. But, can the Director wait?
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The Spotlight 3.1

The story continues … We pick up at the local hospital where the Director has been taken because of his ‘accident’ on the set. Hospitals are supposed to act accordingly, especially in regards to their patients. But, here we see that we can’t always tell who’s ‘Wong’ and who’s ‘Wright’ and just what it might mean for the Director. All that can be said is the answer is most definitely ‘electrifying’, so stand back. “CLEAR!!”
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The Spotlight 3.0

A piece of spaghetti has been left lying on the floor of the Spotlight Studio, and the Director has unsuspectingly returned to the studio to get some work done. The two meet for some unfortunate results and possible foul-play. What happens to the Director? Watch and find out, let’s just hope Spaghetti is the only thing the Director has to worry about.
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The Spotlight 2.0

The Announcer for the Spotlight has come down with Laryngitis and the Assistant Director must rush to find a solution. After things are finally settled, the show goes on without a hitch which is good considering this episode offers a special guest. Special guest ‘The Director’ shares how PST came to be and what he’s looking for in future productions. Learn about machinima, the process and the tools. Also see a behind-the-scenes look at the casting process as well as the 2011 Bikini Calendar.
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The Spotlight 1.0

The Spotlight hosts its first interview ever with none other than Tammy McDonald the Chief Executive Officer of HEAVY WATER. Hear her share how HEAVY WATER began and the inspiration behind the HEAVY INK Pin-Ups as well as the HEAVY INK tattoos. Learn the process behind publishing content on HOME and how publishers decide just what content goes out to the community. Also hear some first hand advice from Tammy on how to even try to become a developer.
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The Junk

This video showcases a behind-the-scenes look at the casting process that went on during casting for the 2011 bikini calendar. Although with this particular casting, we see that some things are more important than others, and sometimes things just need to be a little bit more clearly ‘defined
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2011 Bikini Calendar

The 2011 Bikini Calendar video that shows off some of the hottest swimsuits home has to offer for 2011. Watch to see some of the hottest bods wearing the latest fashions, showcasing the models of each month from the 2011 calendar. Which month is your favorite?
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The Sunset Yacht

Imagine being on your own private yacht out in pristine waters where dolphins dance around you. With LOOT’s Sunset Yacht you can do just this and more! Travel the seas, control the time of day, and listen to the sounds of nature where it’s the most beautiful. It’s just you, your yacht, and the waters ahead. The sun will rise and set on your command, and you can stop for a relaxing afternoon to watch the dolphins. With the Sunset Yacht there is nothing between you and nature’s beauty, truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Halloween 2010

A mini-movie and showcase for PSTALENT.COM’s first annual Halloween Costume Contest. 39 members participated in this contest and 6 members won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.
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Dragon’s Green

Dragon’s Green is a video game available exclusively on the PlayStation 3 Platform. This video, unlike any other video in our library, incorporates the talents of Keith Medlin and brings the potential of our production site to a whole new level.
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National Dance Day

This video is a promotional commercial to aid in the awareness of NATIONAL DANCE DAY and was to air on FOX Television. Nigel Lighgoe, Executive Producer (American Idol and SYTYCD) was quoted as saying “WOW! I love it!”
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Aliens vs. Androids

This is the winning entry for Loot’s Aliens vs. Androids II – Fight for Freedom Machinima Contest. 140 members of the PlayStation community flee Central Plaza to avoid the terror of a giant android.
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Aliens vs. Androids Teaser

Part 1 and introduction to Aliens vs. Androids – Fight for Freedom Machinima Contest. Because the contest rules limited each entry to 3 minutes or less, this video gives the audience a little history and a “taste” of what to expect in the release of the actual Entry.
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Dance Video

A fun night celebrating Omar and Andrew’s Birthday party, caught on tape, merged with a popular hit song. This video features the music track Poker Face by Lady Gaga.
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Chronicles of Shadows

The Chronicles of Shadows teaser – Tales of organized crime leaders and their struggle to protect their empire from rival families.
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The Castle

This Movie explores the restricted area of the Harbor Studio Apartment. Over the balcony, beyond the boat docks hides a castle. The Director takes you to the castle via glitch while viewing never before scenes of the harbor. At the castle, what DOD discovers is “thrilling!” 25 Actors meet in Cyberspace to bring you this one of a kind virtual world video.
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Distant Party


Go beyond the walls of your personal space, explore the restricted areas that was once considered inaccessible. Motorstorm Monument Valley Camp is featured in this video with an up-close and personal view of the Valley floor.
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2010 Bikini Calendar

The first public video produced by PSTALENT.COM. Shot entirely on Motorstorms Pacific Rift’s Personal Space, this video is a promotion for the 2010 Men’s and Ladies Bikini Calendar. Making the calendar was not enough so we decided to make a video too.
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