Ever since the Habour Studios building was built there has been a mysterious castle looming just in the distance across the bay from most balconies. No one knows of its origin or even why it still stands, but Director has been finding himself studying it.

With all of this studying, the Director has been getting more drawn into the puzzle that surrounds the castle. Now, it is up to you to help him get to the castle to find out what really lurks behind those stone walls. Play ‘The Castle’ the game to experience the journey behind the video. Just make sure to get him there in one piece!

Dennis the Menace was always known for one thing, … well other than being a pain in the neck to Mr. Wilson. That one thing was how well he could use a slingshot. Now, it’s your turn in Knock-Down.

You have been given a pellet-bow (slingshot), and it is your job to knock down all of the boxes with the few pellets you have been given. As the levels progress you will have to think of more creative ways you can knock as many down as possible. If you don’t knock them all off the platform before time runs out, you will fail. Be creative with experimenting how to knock the most down with just one and the rest should be easy. But, be careful, each level makes it progressively harder. How many boxes will you be able to Knock-Down?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, or rather a fish-eat-fish world. These little fish aren’t the ones you find at the fair. No, these fish are showing that it really is the battle of the fittest and if you don’t eat others, you are gonna be the one to be eaten.

The name says it all, eat or be eaten. Start off as a tiny fish and eat your way to the top. But watch out for those that are bigger than you, because if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you will be bound to pay the price. Watch as your fish gets bigger the more fish it consumes. Your main and only goal is just simply eat, eat, and eat. Just … don’t be eaten yourself.

Don’t look behind you … I think I see a shark.

Ever wanted to be an explorer just like all the greats? Indiana Jones was probably your idol too, right? Well, now you have a chance to go down in history … well, game history … just like them.

You are an explorer set out to explore the caves of some unmentioned place. But, you have set off a booby trap with your inexperience. So now, you are on a run for your life while still trying to collect as much gold as you can. But, the trail is booby trapped and a tricky one to navigate.

Run the caves and traverse the obstacle ridden landscape of Cave Runner where you can either make it out rich and alive with all that fabulous treasure, or you can suffer the fate of so many unfortunate before you. Will you gather as much gold as possible or will the next round of explorers find you laying at the bottom of pit? It’s all up to you in Cave Runner!

Just like Buffalo Bill, any gun-slinging, horse riding, straw chewing, straight shooting, son of a gun has got to get their practice in somehow. Line up the bottles along that there fence and let’s see what you got. We have a bag here of money with your name on it if you can take down as many bottles as possible.

So pull back that hammer, take stance, look down that barrel, aim, and fire. I put money down at the local saloon that says you couldn’t shoot the broad side of a barn, but we will just have to see about that, won’t we? Show us your gun-slinging abilities in Gunslinger.

Whoever said that the stars were out of reach was right. But, no one ever said that the stars were out of bounce. That’s right, I said bounce. Hop on your handy pogo-stick in Pogo and start bouncing to collect as many stars as you can in as little time as possible.

Go after those stars and bounce until your little heart is content. Each level brings on new challenges and obstacles, but that next star .. is only a bounce away. Boink, boink, bounce, bounce … Bounce for it!


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