cocobaby_84 Casting Director

Hello Everyone! My name is Coco and I’m the Casting Director. This is a very exciting time for PSTALENT and I’m thrilled to be part of it!

My job as the Casting Director is to announce and audition members for upcoming video productions. The Director has some awesome productions in the works, such as Music Videos, Series, TV News Anchors and much, much more so I’ll be updating this page often with casting calls.

A casting call is a phrase used which announces positions open for video productions and usually consists of instructions of who, where, when, why and how. Most auditions will take place in the club called ‘Club N2’ where we will ask that you perform a specific, short scene for the script.


Click here to go to:  Casting Talent Group

 Thank you all for joining and participating! It was a blast! Be sure to be on the look out for other productions. Those of you who have not played any roles in these productions, will soon get your break!



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