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    As mentioned in the last Atom Republic DevBlog that I just shared below, check out the 5th episode of VR Focus’ VRTV that features Tanguy Dewavrin, CEO of Atom Republic. I love how when Zeena asked Tanguy if he thought if Atom Universe would be the next PS Home and he said that he thought it would be even better and “take it to the next level”.

    • Mind you that Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams, and non-executive director for the AU team has also stated that AU is the true successor to PS Home. When guys like these say such things and with their experience they have had with the game, I think that is a firm indication that AU is the true successor to PS Home above all other post-PS Home projects.

    • @mcgowan025 oh I wasn’t talking about sharing your comments about the article. I was talking about acknowledging it because I had seen you had done that with my 2nd interview with SubD Studio but not with the Engine Giant interview which IMO was actually more informative.


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