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    Check out the latest DevBlog from Atom Republic for Atom Universe, the future home for PS Talent: http://atomrepublic.blogspot.com/2016/03/devblog-11-improvements-to-ui-new.html

    • I actually recently tested some the changes mentioned as they are in a new Patch that was released to the Testing branch of the Early Access version this past Sunday (3/20). The holographic menu looks great and so do the new dances and poses. Here is a link to the announcement on Steam which includes a link to another post that explains how to access the Test branch: http://steamcommunity.com/games/394120/announcements/detail/822278032383794249

    • I read dev blog entry 11 and I’ll bookmark the site and check regularly for updates; especially to see the platform get closer to a ps4 release.

    • @mcgowan025 great! Do you have a PC too? If so you can join us in the testing of the game now. I’ve been testing the Alpha version for 8 months now, but that was only available to certain backers of the game. Next DevBlog should be tomorrow. They come out every Friday. There might not be one the following 2 weeks because our Community Relations Manager who creates them will be on vacation for 2 weeks after tomorrow.

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      Call me Sammo; I’m happy to read the developer blogs are released on Fridays and have read the latest entry regarding hats and bugs, as well as incorporating friends for Atom Universe. Perhaps I should consider the appropriateness of hats and bugs juxtaposed; that thought’s weird.

      I had my compaq laptop stolen in 2014 and use the psvitas browser for mostly everything: e-mail, messages, skype, calendar, final fantasy and remote play; I’ll continue to use the vita wherever appropriate.

    • @mcgowan025 Hiya Sammo. You can call me Trisha as well. The bug fixing is separate from the work done on the head accessories and so I’m not sure what you mean. As I mentioned in my previous comment to you, I helped Atom Republic with the design of Adam and Eve. If you go to the main wire (http://pstalent.com/activity/), you will see several pics of them. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “+ LOAD MORE” to go back to when they were posted them as it was over 5 months ago I shared Adam’s pics and over 6 months ago for Eve’s, but it shouldn’t take you too long to scroll down to find them. I’m particularly proud of Eve’s design as we did her first and of course I’m a woman and I had a lot more ideas for her. I wanted her with long hair, but we went with shorter hair because shorter it’s easier to animate and we didn’t have as much time and budget to spend on it for the initial release. I welcome your feedback on their design so feel free to comment on any of those pics. Mention me by including @tbaby so I’ll get a notification for them (just like how I mentioned you with your username). Also, I invited you to a couple private groups: “Selfies & Videos” and “Pets Have Talent too”. You don’t have to contribute to be a member. You can just look at other people’s pictures. I have been the only one posting to those groups in a while, but others have in the past. We used to post real life pics like that to the main wire, but last summer DOD made a change to have those shared only in private groups to keep the main wire for only gaming or virtual content. I hope you will join us in those groups as well and look forward to seeing you there. Thanks! 🙂

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      Bugs and head accessories: when I think of those two words together, the meaning in my head is a reminder of being an 11-year old boy scout on a boy scout trip to a local firehouse. During the visit, the firefighters insisted on allowing the children to wear a fire helmet to get a feel for the weight. The helmet was passed among the children, from head to head. All those kids got lice.

      Thank you for the invite to the groups too.

      Being able to participate in the design of the avatars is cool! nDreams has a demonstration of the process of creating the ninja outfits from playstation home as well as an overview of the animation process, at the end of the demonstration is a full ninja outfit avi walking around the studio apartment in playstation home. I have little criticism of the atom republic stuff, especially during the alpha-stage of development,; pshome, near the core of the platform, was grounded in realism and part of the appeal was being able to play as myself, as an avi, as a visual representation of myself. Nuts,, I think, cool too.