• Trisha posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 years ago

    Fun Community Meet Up on the Early Access version of Atom Republic’s Atom Universe yesterday. Remember that PST will be brining content to Atom Universe and so it is our next home! Given that this version is open to the general public, anyone can join us every Sunday at 3pm! 😀

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      is atom republic built with the unreal engine?
      those shadows are a nice touch and pretty avi!

    • @mcgowan025 yes, Atom Republic certainly is developing Atom Universe using Unreal Engine, specifically UE4. And thank you! Those avatars are the default ones (Adam for men, Eve for women) as full avatar customization will be coming later. There are a few basic color customization options now for the outfits & hair, but the rest will come in updates after the initial release. I actually had the privilege of helping Atom Republic design those avatars you see 🙂