• Trisha posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Last Thursday, Tanguy (CEO of Atom Republic) uploaded a video showing some animation tests for Eve. This shows the testing of animation cycles, hair physics & realistic skin shaders. Notice how her hips move as she walks & how her hair bounces up & down slightly when she runs. 😀

    • Keep in mind that these are only initial tests and more testing is being done. It’s so great to see this all come together after starting out with a bunch of ideas, references images and sketches and now this! Loves it! 😀

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      Her hip wiggle is appealing while she walks, as well as the bouncy hair, the walk is a bit of a strut and I find her animation to be quite nice. I’m curious what suggestions were made on her design:
      Here’s hope that the animations scale depending on pressure applied to the analog controls, a light press on the analog stick gives the avatar a slow pace, a medium press causes a walk, a hard press causes a run. I always like wiggle

    • @mcgowan025 hey I thought I mentioned to you before, but when you reply to old posts like this to mention me using the @ symbol and my username (see my reply to you in previous post). Yes, her hip movements was one of the things that we thought added realism. You will also notice hair physics as her hair moves as she walks. When you say you are curious as to what suggestions were made on her design, are you talking about when I was working with Atom Republic on her design back in July? We went through many reference images, ideas, and sketches to arrive at what you see here. Currently the speed of her walk isn’t tied to pressure applied to analog stick. Keep in mind that this is also developed for PC where key strokes are supported and with key presses there is no such sensitivity with which to react. I know what you are saying though and that was implemented on PS Home and so that is probably something that will be provided in the future, but not for the initial release.

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      I had a look at the forums on atom republic, briefly, to get a feel for how many ideas have been submitted to the developers, small team. @tbaby I believe many suggestions have been made and the group may have a full schedule; I am curious what design ideas were implemented based on your input, Trisha. I think that’s really cool and I’m thrilled to see the pstalent community contributing ideas, sincerely.
      The bouncy hair I feel is a nice use of the hardware, I’ll keep thoughts on Adam to myself. And yes, I’m curious what input you had.
      The game-genre seems tron/cyber style and the ui is being developed, so my interest is watching the platform develop, I suppose I’m watching as a troll/skeptical end-user.

    • @mcgowan025 Thanks for checking out our AU forums. Yes, there are many great ideas that have been shared by the community for the dev team. As for me, what I did with Atom Republic was different. I worked directly with Tanguy on the design of the avatars and outfits. He asked me for my help last summer and so we worked on the design together. Tanguy likes Tron and so the inspiration for Eve’s outfit was from Tron Legacy. So the color palette we began with consisted of neon blue, black, grey, etc. I provided reference images of different clothing items, e.g. boots, dresses, etc. and discussed different materials and textures to help design Eve’s outfit. I did the same with hairstyles and I mentioned why we went with the shorter hair style, but I asked for the blue highlights. In addition to reference images of other models, I sent photos of myself with blue highlighted hair to show how it should be textured. I also sent pics of myself with various makeup to help with Eve’s makeup. Also, do you see the piercings above and below Eve’s right eye? That is based on the “skindiver” piercings below both of my eyes if you see my real life pics (you need to join the “Selfies and Videos” group I invited you to in order to see). All this went into coming up with the concept sketches for Eve that were refined over multiple iterations and then finally were approved. Also during this process, our CM helped provide her input as well with reference images of her own and sharing of ideas. After we signed off on the final colored sketches, they were turned over to the modelers for rendering. I’ve been modeling for over 11 years and that is why Tanguy asked me for my help. So I took many pics of myself modeling concepts for Eve. I continue to help them behind the scenes as a design consultant. I did a similar thing for Adam except I couldn’t model concepts using myself and so replied more on various male fashion/modeling images I found that again helped with the initial concept sketches. We went through many different outfits and took elements and textures from different fits to put together his jacket, pants, and boots. The predominant material for both Eve and Adam’s outfits is leather, but you will notice different textures within both outfits. The neon highlighting for Eve was inspired by Tron Legacy outfits and it is an element that is seen throughout her fit down to the heels of her boots. That color is referred to as the “highlight” color in the current avatar customization options. A similar thing was done with Adam’s outfit but using red on black instead of blue on black. The tattoo on Adam’s neck is inspired by holographic symbols from Tron Legacy if you look closely at those close up images I shared below. These were my first design projects I worked on with Atom Republic. This is separate from normal input from the community as I work directly as an extended part of the AU team. The AU team consists of staff and non-staff members, the key difference being compensation. That is why non-staff members like myself don’t show up on staff pages such as the contacts list. There are many of us though and we are all part of the team. I’m also part of a volunteer group known as the Cosmic Pathfinders who help community members with AU. I’ve been friends with Atom Republic for several years, almost as long as I’ve been a member of PS Talent for which I’ve been a member for over 5 years and have helped with several PST Productions, starting with episode 3.1 of the Spotlight where my avatar plays Nurse Alice (voice over by EchoEngel) in the opening scene with Junk Guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xhoYnycVFo I have been working with PST for a very long time and been in or helped with well over 20 PST Productions whether they be directed by Levi Vincent (DOD) or our associate producers.

    • @mcgowan025 I find it interesting that you continually ignore my posts to you about the group invites and won’t accept them, but you will reply to these and make other posts. Hmmmm not sure what that is all about -_-

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      Coloring your hair blue to help the design team create a digital representation of a person is a devotion to the team responsible for atom republic. I think Atom and Tanguy are lucky to have you as a pathfinder. I respect the contribution, sincerely.
      I read the posts, picking up details like the skindiver piercings, and the hair, and the reason for atom republic looking like tron. & lol, neck tattoos.
      I’m a bit like a deer caught in headlights, looking at my reply to the attention given to Eve’s design. I’m convinced that the success of mmo’s like home, and in some portion, gta v, largely depends on a sense of realism; immersion depends on the connection I get with a title, Adam is, for me, a comic character, designed a bit like Superman; Eve, I believe, due in large part to being designed largely as a proxy to you, again, pretty woman, will hopefully be able to connect with women in a way that I was able to connect with my avatar in playstation home.
      Atom and Tanguy and the team at Atom Republic are fortunate to have your input. Attention given to details and a willingness to eagerly share the experience, all the while being helpful is stunning and rare, special too: I’ve felt a lot of pleasure reading, sincerely.

    • @mcgowan025 oh no, I didn’t color my hair just for that lol. I actually color my hair all the time (probably every few months) and in fact, just colored it again this past Wednesday night. 🙂 No for this I just found pics of myself when I had blue hair to show how it was highlighted. Makeup was easy though and could be done on the spot. Adam was designed as a counter-part to Eve and I don’t believe he looks like a cartoon and think he looks just as real as Eve. If you look at the all the images shared below, you should see how real he looks and the same attention to detail that was given to Eve was given to Adam too. 🙂 Thanks for all your compliments as they are very much appreciated! 😀 We have a great AU team and we do listen to the community for suggestions as the initial funding to start it’s development was provided by the community through the kickstarter campaign and subsequent donations received all the way through the end of last year. Yes, amazing realism has been achieved through the use of the Unreal Engine whether it be with the avatars or the many environments within the game, e.g. public and private spaces which I hope you have seen on the Atom Republic website and what I have shared here as well (Woodland Hills House, Cave House, Mirage House, Arcade Plaza, The Hub, etc.)

    • Sammo replied 2 years ago

      Having seen a lot on the web, I see the focus is recreating realism and providing a gaming platform with level design being done by the guy who did level design for pshome. I can understand why atom republic will be the new home of pstalent, while also realizing the things I’ve been able to watch are early builds. I’m eager to see the development and release of the platform and participate as much as I am able.