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    - "Hello Everyone! I miss you all! Say hi on Facebook!"View
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    - "Hi PST Community! How have you all been?"View
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    - "Hi everyone on pstalent im back and Miss all of you"View
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    - "Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and say “Hello, hello, hello”. Hope everyone is doing alright and keeping up the amazing work that I have seen in the past."View
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    - "here’s an idea for you directors."View
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    - "Do me a favor, go to my blog and Download my new single “Tired Of Old Things” Ft. MzFancy and also be on the look out for my 3rd Mixtape on 12.11.10 “My Little Fantasy” @"View
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    - "what’s new? apparently everything."View
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    - "I’m about to get off of work, rush home and find out if i can get online and get on HOME!!! ima be so pissed if i cant…(sobes) damn i miss all of you."View