• Lizardwrestler99 posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    @tbaby I’ve seen earlier tonight that there are tornado warnings in Dallas and such. Stay safe, Sis *hug* 🙂 I saw news of it while eating out after seeing Star Wars Force Awakens

    • Same here! We had lots of hail and a tornado pass in my area on Saturday. Now we have flood watches. Hope every stay safe!

    • Yes, tornados hit North Texas on Saturday. We were on our way back to Dallas from Odessa and missed a lot of the heavy rain that night. But on our way back, we heard about what was going on. There were 1000s of homes lost and 11 deaths. 2 suburbs that I used to live in, Rowlett & Garland, were hit bad too. Thankfully me & my fam are all ok, thank you. Praying for all the victims of the tornados though. 🙁 #PrayForTexas


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