• HONEYCOMBFROG posted an update in the group Group logo of West Coast SurferWest Coast Surfer 6 years, 1 month ago

    I agree Deich, pshome should have a place the avi’s can surf. They can swim so why not surf?

    • yes Frog, prob we all should sen msg to Lockwood or Granzella, maybe it helps

      • i agree with this.. & make it where we dont Have to buy to surf. like get a start off Surfboard. & buy others that have designs on them.. maybe some tricks too!

    • that one place where we could swim underwater in Hideaway.. left to soon i thought they was gonna keep it

      • yes but they closed the underwater diving area at Sothern Island, cuz theyy have trupbel with the minigames there and they dont know, reopen or not.


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