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    - "Hi PST Community! How have you all been?"View
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    - "Hi 😀 😀 😀 uhh one question, isnt there a way to write your friends messages in private now? the site is very cool, but im totally lost in many things i am used to. but, ill be okay 😀"View
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    - "My YouTube account is keara kauai and my FaceBook account is keara kauai. I have been told I have a Twitter account somewhere but I do not know how to find it nor would I use it if I did. I am still staring […]"View
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    - "got a lot on the plate today, will be in an out of the site today, edits edits edits"View
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    - "Well.. my dear PSTALENT family. I’m going tobe off home for four to 6 weeks during my move . I go off july 17th in the evening then pack my trusty PS3 away for the travel.I willbe watching though from pc ( labtop) […]"View
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