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    - "So… I’m back. Like seriously. For real this time. What does that mean??? Means that I’m working on stuff for Director already. lol =D MISS YOU GUYS!"View
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    - "Hello everyone — Hope you are well! That’s me by the way 🙂"View
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    - "Create yourself new Avatar check it out!!"View
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    - "Hope everyone is doing well! xx CallMeBlondi is my new ID if anyone ever wants to add me again! x"View
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    - "Please refer to my previous posts, especially to the Community group for more info on Atom Republic’s Atom Universe which I have helped with from the beginning for over 2 1/2 years. If you haven’t already, Join us […]"View
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    - "Hi PST Community! How have you all been?"View
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    - "Hi 😀 😀 😀 uhh one question, isnt there a way to write your friends messages in private now? the site is very cool, but im totally lost in many things i am used to. but, ill be okay 😀"View
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    - "Seahawks won!!!!!!!! Turn up 😀"View
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    - "Been a long time since I have been here, but I have been up to date about what’s been happening! I hope all things are well, and I am ready to get involved again! 🙂"View
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    - "@admin hi i well miss home i moved onto second life it helped me alot but hey not same wood love u guys go on second life"View
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    - "i seriously can’t get back to the main page lol it keeps me on metions page"View
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    - "Heads up, PST! PlayStation MVPs and I are giving out codes for 50 orbs in (free-to-play) Destiny of Spirits today! I’ll be giving out 5 codes in 25 mins here: (Update with other […]"View
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    - "So… Anybody heard ANYTHING regarding the calendar? We are half way through February and nothing yet… 🙁"View
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    - "Hi PSTalent, I’m back 🙂"View
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    - "Beauty, Fashion and Art define who I am.."View
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    - "great job, DOD. a master piece as always… and of course all of the pstalent members. great story."View
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    - "Was on Twitter today on my lunch break and was surprised to see a special presentation to The Spotlight coming next update! I have to say the video looked very nice! I remember being there that day. So much fun! […]"View
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    - "Hey PST, will you listen to this song, it’s new but he’s my friend who sings this and he wants to see what people think befour he goes to producing songs. 😀 thanks!"View
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    - "@nicole I now that you are very busy with all the modeling thats bin going on and i have missed alot ps3 went down i just wanted to now if there is anyway at you can readd me on psn network i really want to do […]"View