• ALEXELWAY posted an update 10 years ago

    • I stepped outside of my comfort zone with this one to try and gain some experience with what i’m not used to , I don’t like this one as much as some others but it did give me more time using the camera’s as well as capturing a few shots I really liked. Its not the best but I like to get input on any video I do. Thanks for any feedback.

    • You did a really nice job!

    • pretty nice Job Alex. keep working on your angles and on the steadiness of your camera when you’re moving. you had a lot of great angles in this video, but then changed the camera movement. Try to stick to 1 type of movement per shot. go for smoothness. you can transition out to a different shot, and back into a simliar shot to give it a little more smoothness instead of panning down, then circling and so forth. great use of the spaces and great cuts with the music. keep up the awesome work dude ^.^

    • Awesome! Another great video by you! Loves it! 😀


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