• AlanB-70 (Associate Director) posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hello everyone, I feel that I should update you on what’s going on with me. Earlier this year, I decided to leave college since I realized that the path I was pursuing there wasn’t for me anymore. I was trying to get a “practical” degree instead of pursuing what I wanted to do. This might seem to be in direct contrast to my activity here. After all, I’ve had more free time now than I ever did in the past, so why haven’t we seen any new content from me? Believe it or not, I’ve been wanting to make videos again for a while now. I still have a quite a few video ideas floating around in my head, and I wish I could follow through on them. However, aside from dealing with a few personal matters, I’ve lately found the more technical aspects of video-making more taxing than I used to, especially in regards to editing. I can still write stories, and my passion for voice-acting is higher than ever, but at this point in my life, I can’t handle being a 1-man production studio, no matter how much I want to. If anyone wants me to write or voice-act for them, I’ll be more than happy to. However, I must sadly announce that I won’t be producing any more PS Home videos myself. I apologize to anyone hoping to see more Home content content from me, as well as anyone who participated in a project of mine that will not be finished. My hope is that things will fall back into place for me this year, but it probably won’t be before PS Home shuts down. I know many of us are upset by the impending end of Home, but I’d like to hope that this end will be a new beginning of something bright over the horizon. I believe PSTalent has a future beyond PS Home, and perhaps I’ll be better suited for what lies ahead.