Now Casting at PSTALENT



Now Casting at PSTALENT

Who: Casting by Cocobaby_84
Directed by/Location Host: DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY
What: The Spotlight – Season 2
Meeting Place: Casting House (club)
When: Sunday, June 3, 2012  Noon – 2pm Pacific
(Filming for: The Junk Guy & 10 Males)
Details:  If you wish to participate, please reply below!
For Wardrobe: Please check with Cocobaby_84 for more details.

The Junk Guy:

1. PST: @quasr338 PSN: quasar338

10 male Avatars needed:

1. PST: @dazzy8205 PSN: Xx_Dazzy8205_xX
2. PST: @firehouse822 PSN: Firehouse822
3. PST: @vindikated PSN: Vindikated
4. PST: @xthrillzghillie PSN: xThrillz_GHiLLiE
5. PST: @borderbrother619 PSN: BorderBrother619
6. PST: @gregory1001 PSN: Gregory0321
7. PST: @wyldtyng PSN: wyldtyng
8. PST: @lilnicki330 PSN: lilnicki330
9. PST: @cudifan11 PSN: comic_reader_3o5
10. PST: @heavenslightfire PSN: HeavensLightfire

Just a reminder:
Please keep your schedules clear when participating in a filming! All PST members are welcome to audition. Lots of opportunities ahead, so stay tuned for more! We would like to cast as many Actors as possible.


  1. The Director 8 years ago

    Nurse Liz sounds good! Stay away from Nurse Oops!

  2. Lizardwrestler99 8 years ago

    And DOD, if anyone has an accident on set, just send them Nurse Liz. LOL!! 🙂

  3. Lizardwrestler99 8 years ago

    Have a great shoot guys! Hopefully the system doesn’t give you all the booting hiccups we had yesterday. I was really happy to be in this. 🙂

  4. Aiden 8 years ago

    IM excited to come! Right now I can make it, but if something comes up i’ll let you know

  5. Author

    Hi all! If you were not cast in this shoot, please let me know if you are wanting to be a fill in just in case someone doesn’t show. Thanks to all for your cooperation! 🙂 See you Sunday!

    Happy Casting!

  6. Ale 8 years ago

    I’m available if needed

  7. FireHouse822 8 years ago

    Thanks!! Coco. I’ll wait till Saturday night to send a req for the clubhouse. Do you know what we need for wardrobe yet? See you Sunday 🙂

  8. I’m available.

  9. BooBoo92173 8 years ago

    Hello Ms. Coco! please consider me for any role available. I would love to help. take care. Boo

  10. king_of_games30 8 years ago

    I want to audition

  11. Vindikated 8 years ago

    i would like to act

  12. Dazzy 8 years ago

    Sounds good. I’ll be there.

  13. The Director 8 years ago

    Make sure you touch base with the casting director. We need 10 male avatars on set.

  14. Lilnicki330 8 years ago

    yes! awesome i will be there

  15. SlowCreeper5_ 8 years ago

    I wanna help please DOD plzzzzzzzzzzz i wanna be on the SPOTLIGHT

  16. Aiden 8 years ago

    I will surely make it here! This will make up for me not going to Saturday’s. I would love to be cast 😀

  17. FireHouse822 8 years ago

    let us know what you need for wardrobe.

  18. FireHouse822 8 years ago

    cool Coco. see you Sunday!

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