Dr Crotch

The SpotlightThe SPOTLIGHT takes you on a journey of the trials and tribulations of video production, as the main character, DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY has slipped on a piece of spaghetti and landed himself in the hospital, the SPOTLIGHT Show, featuring the “Who’s Who of Home” must go on and Kozzzmo, the host of the show, waits patiently at his bedside.

The JUNK GUY, a visitor and patient at the hospital, sits quietly in the waiting room for his chance to meet with Dr. Harry Crotch, a world-renown surgeon that specializes in junk enhancements. Prior to his meeting, the JUNK GUY’s escorted to the exam room by Nurse Sharome, a plus sized, finger-snapping, no fooling around true medical professional. Little does the JUNK GUY know, Nurse Sharome does more than check his vitals – she checks him out from head to toe.

Lolita Lo Goods

Lolita “Lo” Goods

Lolita “Lo” Goods, star of the VH1 hit series, Beverly Hills Fabulous, voices Nurse Sharone which really brings that zany new character to life. If you like a finger-snapping attitude, you’ll find it in Nurse Sharone. Lolita was present at the premiere event, along with the Director and staff at the PSTALENT.COM Studios in Palm Springs.

Christmas Butter Huggers

The JUNK GUY Xmas Butt-Huggers

Finally, the JUNK GUY has a very special Xmas gift for you – introducing the JUNK GUY Xmas Butt-Huggers! This collector’s item is sure to be the talk of Home, not to mention showing your support for the JUNK GUY and his quest for social acceptance. The JUNK GUY Xmas Butt-Huggers are available FREE for a limited time, available by download in PlayStation®Home at the PSTALENT store. Once you download a pair, be sure to show your support by posting a picture for all the world to see!

Altogether, this is sure to be a memorable season offering a great new lineup of characters and a lifetime of zany fun. The most talked about PlayStation®Home production ever to emerge from the virtual world – The SPOTLIGHT!

Special Note: Due to the mature content of this SPOTLIGHT episode, viewer discretion is advised. This episode may not be suitable for young children.

Note: Please understand, we do our very best to feature and issue credit to all PSTALENT.COM members. Some advertisements may have featured a character you played but there are still episodes that will air. If you played a role that was not credited, please accept my sincerest apologies and let me know; I’ll make it up to you.

NOTE: We do not credit non-members.


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  1. PSHomeFlo2 11 years ago

    I love all you guys (and girls) make! 😉 soooooo great to watch soooo many talents!! When is next one? lol

  2. Silva Deville 11 years ago

    THANK YOU to everyone involved, I loved watching such Amazing and Hilarious work!!!!! Three Cheers for PST and Happy Holidays to all! XoXo <3

  3. Trisha 11 years ago

    Finally got to see the rest of the new Spotlight episode the other day and it was awesome! Can’t wait for more next year! YAYS for PST in 2013! It’s going to be a super mega totally thrilladelic year! ^__^

  4. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Yes, it will broadcast in the community theater until next year, then go to EOD.

  5. Aiden 11 years ago

    Too bad I can’t make it ugh. Will this still air in the theater after the premeire?

  6. Here’s a little promo I made for The Spotlight:

  7. quasar338 11 years ago

    I’ll be there in my Christmas finest for this premier. WooT! Spotlight is back!

  8. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    *Looks in wardrobe* I got just the right number for this 🙂

  9. SunnyPath 11 years ago

    Sweet, cant wait to see finished product. I cant make it ti premiere cause of work but i will see it later on that night.

  10. Wylds 11 years ago


  11. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    4 more days! Can’t wait! 😀

  12. Trisha 11 years ago

    YAYS! It’s been a long time coming, but totally worth the wait! I see Nurse Oops, Nurse Alice, and the Junk Guy are all back too! And just in time for Christmas! Loves it and can’t wait! Awesome sauce! ^__^

  13. Aiden 11 years ago

    Amazing! Now I have a reason to visit the Community Theater again :O

  14. Mark 11 years ago

    Awesome can’t wait and yay I finally made it into a video lol

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