Shadows Collection

“I am very proud to announce our very first community-born developer, PSTALENT! For years we have all enjoyed their masterful machinima and they have kept us curious as to what’s coming next. PSTALENT always keeps us guessing and every single new move is an amazing surprise.

Without further adieu, let me introduce the Shadows Collection.”  – GlassWalls


The Shadows Collection


  1. Mark 11 years ago

    Can’t wait to get back on psn so i can get ahold of this

  2. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    I might have an idea for a female variant, based on the Home Tycoon Globosyn enforcer outfit, but still keeping within the period in which these items are based.

  3. miss bad 11 years ago

    good job on those video’s keep it up dod

  4. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    We are soon to release additional items related to the shadows collection and well be sure to include a bundle. Thanks for speaking up and sharing your concerns. ~ DOD

  5. CNyceNC 11 years ago

    I’ve already purchased the “Bad Guys Don’t Wear Pink” outfit, and while they are badass, I was a little bothered at the fact that the suit, shoes, hat, and gun are all sold separately. Why not have the suits in one bundle at a low price of like $4 or $5 instead of individually priced at over $7+?!

  6. ITCOB1 11 years ago

    The Thompson SMG Hand item rocks. Great job.

  7. SunnyPath 11 years ago

    Congrats to all involved in this venture this is sooo awsome cant wait for womens wear to come out.

  8. Its just the beginning of what could be an amazing future for PST and the Community in all aspects, huge congrats guys 🙂

  9. Totally Awesome from the starting gate *Rubs hands together*

  10. Aiden 11 years ago

    Wow. I honestly never thought that this would happen but I think this is great! The collection itself is nice now that I’ve seen it for myself and I’m looking forward to what else you have in store 🙂

  11. Zee 11 years ago

    All i can say is it’s about Time! These new outfits are the perfect item to start off with. I was spreading the News all day yesterday to hype it up. Now i shall go get mine 🙂

  12. Wylds 11 years ago

    Shadows Collection Awesome job 🙂 this only the beginning 🙂

  13. Trisha 11 years ago

    That’s hott! Love that one of the suits is matched with pink too! PST does it all! WOOT! 😀

  14. Susan 11 years ago

    With this collection NJRAMALs’ “Chronicles…..” could become a closer reality.. : …

  15. Author
    The Director 11 years ago

    Thank you Martin! It was a long process but well worth the wait!

  16. martin133h 11 years ago

    awesome hope it will sell good

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