PST is happy to present the next episode of the SPOTLIGHT – The Lawman of Home!

Lawman of Home


Here’s what @theworld101 had to say after watching his private screening:


Wow! PSTALENT really has something special for us with their new installment of the Spotlight this Wednesday!

In this old western styled scene the characters start out dancing around and enjoying themselves, that is until one certain cowboy decides to play five aces… Causing Sheriff DOD to come to the rescue. Opps! I better stop before I spoil anything.
dance-scene1There is one thing I can definitely say I hated about this episode of the Spotlight, the ending. The Director leaves us with a great huge cliffhanger which certainly certified me a spot in the theater next time around!
I know I could not stop re-watching this episode because of its great funny and dramatic moments. I was able to get you all some sneak peeks of what to look forward to in the theaters on Wednesday. I know I will be there and hope to see you all there too!
@theworld101 is an old time PSN and Home user, who enjoys games such as LittleBigPlanet2, Skyrim, and of course Playstation®Home. He is a member of the renown group Hamster Freedom, and loves to write, compose, and just ‘hang-out’. World spends most time on Home, but can otherwise be found playing games, or just online. He is on Home sites such as and of course, loves to work on projects whenever possible and stay active in the community.


Also included on this amazing day are several films by the PST Associate Directors:






Additional Associate posters coming soon. We hope to see you on Wednesday!



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