Shout! April 2011

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the April issue of Shout!

For starters, I would like to give a Shout! to @joanna_dark_ for her wonderful fashion videos! Excellent job on your creations! Here’s one of our favorites:


Last month’s question was,

“What are your favorite games in Home – past, present, and future?”

Here are a couple that we liked:


“I think my favorite game on PS Home would have to be the Scorpion Squish thingy in Sodium.”

Ha ha. Even though I haven’t done that in a while, those robotic insects need a good stomping.

Mika – @wolfen40:

“I must say I enjoy a full game of poker mostly with friends, but playing at the Godfather2 space is cool. Places I wish Home would add more of are ballrooms, classy clubs and give avatars the ability to float on blowup chairs at the beach lol maybe even to cross regions at will again. One thing is sure Home will only get better:)”

I would have to agree with having a good poker venue, as well as having more abilities for avatars to perform.


Thank you to everyone that responded!

This month I would like to talk about the friends we have on our PSN lists.

Due to the triple disaster that happened in Japan on March 11 th, 2011, it became an extremely sad day for many of us here at as well as the entire PlayStation Community.

So many of us are from other regions and across the world. In addition, many of you, including myself, have multiple accounts in other regions. Whether you’re from NA, EU, HK, or JP, we end up meeting people from all sorts of background, even creating a bond. We play games with some of them. Others, we actually have a chance to hang out with on Home or voice chat over PSN, which is its own experience.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to get in contact with a few friends in Japan. Most seem to be a bit shaken by everything that has happened, but still holding up well. Some of them I have not heard from, nor have they been online since that day. I keep telling myself they are busy or are having power and connection issues.

This month we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to ask for each one of you to take the time to reflect on a distant friend you’ve made.  Please comment on how you met, the first thing that made you decide to add them to your friends list, and how far away they are from you.

From Mika (@wolfen40),
”…I lost three friends it is horrible America will do everything we can to help them…”

This will be a great opportunity to reflect on our friendships, to appreciate what we have, and to let our friends from around the world know, “I’m here for you!”

OldCatsRock & CorisuCat

  1. Holafo 11 years ago

    This is unree,, u guys are awesome, keep i t up!

  2. Ray’s weekly shouts were longer and more detailed but your just getting started I really hope this picks up to how it was soon!. Keep up the good work guys! ^_^

  3. Mika 11 years ago

    Oldcat and Corisucat you cats rock I like how you put this together can’t wait to see the next issue great job thanks for putting in my comments DOD has to be proud:)

  4. Jerry 11 years ago

    As everyone knows I treasure my friends most of all here and around the world. When one meets misfortune we in the community are affected in one way or another so we do are very best to comfort them as we can. I like most have a friend in Japan and I keep in touch with her to let her know that she is not alone. I hope everyone is doing the same and letting them know that our prayers are with them always. So Mote It Be

  5. I have a friend named NH4OH who is from Germany who has been my friend every since the day I joined on my ps3. I have another friend named jah_bolic who is from France who I have also met on my first day on the ps3. They are both are such wonderful guys and the most friendliest people that you could ever meet. They made me feel at ease and when I had troubles with the outside world, they helped me through it. I remember jah_bolic saying, “Nikki learn some french so we can speak it together.” I love my German friend’s accent. When he says Ja, it sounds awesome! I also have a friend in Japan who got out ok so I’m thankful for that. Of course Luvibunni who is from Great Britain. She’s been my best friend and a sister-like figure to me for over a year. I’m really grateful to have met such wonderful people. Of course there are more, but then I would take up this whole page lol. Thanks for having my comment. Everyone have a great day.

  6. Cipher 11 years ago

    The friend i have made that is farthest from me is Legolas. He lives in Germany and we have been friends for a little over a year. We met while playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 online and i was trying to speak german to him (key word trying). I still play with him even today and am still learning German from him. He is a true gamer he has many platinums and dont let campers stop him. Er ist ein gut freund.

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