1. shelley 7 years ago

    The new nDream dances look amazing

  2. Mika 7 years ago

    Im a Rich Girl yes I am when this blog goes 100% we will be able to post all that we do and plan for success in home just lovly now Kat will be working with DOD to provide content and activity approved by him and I this is open to all members success Rich Girls show your Richness here:)

  3. BEBE 7 years ago

    Hello sisters… I,m BEBE new to pstalent and thanking all for the oppertunity … Ty and hello Mika and hello Danni…

  4. PSHomeFlo2 7 years ago

    Nice to see myself in bikini again lol, and even nicer we have our own blogspot here now!! Were we all can brainstorm about next exiting events…. Congrats Sisters! and brothers ofcourse! Thank you DoD for giving this opportunity to all of us 😉

  5. Mika 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas everyone I cant wait until the blog is fully up I will need all the Rich Girls to share there ideas here if you are a Rich Girl your ideas count too Girl 6 and Wingwalk and Global Gathering is coming soon and next year we will do the Fall Preview there are so many things I want for us but I need your help ladies.

  6. Trisha 7 years ago

    RGOH members, please see my latest post in the RGOH groups on the site (NA, UK, and Japan). It is very important and you all need to read it. Thanks.

  7. ASAP Kat 7 years ago

    Hello Rich Girls! ^^

  8. Hamburger Deern 7 years ago

    great..thats nice..hello all rich sisters

  9. danni 7 years ago

    Very exciting event

  10. Trisha 7 years ago

    Yes, thank you Director! 😀

  11. Trisha 7 years ago

    O snap! A blog for RGOH hunh? WOOHOO! Looking forward to seeing what goes on here. 😀

  12. Joanna 7 years ago

    Sweet! 🙂

  13. Mika 7 years ago

    Thanks DOD for your support I and the Ladies of Rich Girls truly appreciate what you have done we will allways be grateful for this now we are on our way to posting new activites and events we will be doing but we hope we make you proud Rich Girls Congrats to you all:)

  14. Trip 7 years ago


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