1. Rouge13666 12 years ago

    It was fun the games we played then the final game was intense between me and tbaby :3 it was really cool 😀

  2. Trisha 12 years ago

    YAYS! I had a great time, all the way to the end! The games were fun and the prizes were a bonus! That last game at the end with me and Rouge battling it out for the final prize was intense lol. It was really cool seeing everyone there and I’m looking forward to the next party! Thank you for putting this together sis, you did a great job! Blue party, here we come! 😀

  3. Author

    A special thanks to all those you came out to party with us! It was a BLAST! Everyone didn’t leave without a gift or a prize giveaway! Congrats to all of you winners! NEXT UP: BLUE PARTY!

  4. Author

    Of course! What’s a party without bringing home the bacon?

  5. janie 12 years ago

    Will there be bacon?

  6. URZU 12 years ago

    \(^o^)/ Candy!

  7. Skye 12 years ago

    Sounds fun ^.^

  8. Author

    Of course you didn’t miss it! 😀

  9. Author

    Chocolate? Pfft! You are on a strict no chocolate diet!

  10. The Director 12 years ago

    Sounds like FUN! Can I look forward to reveiving candy? But the good candy like chocolate bars.. Yum, yum! Exciting.

  11. Trisha 12 years ago

    Your always welcome! The flyer turned out awesome. Great job @urzu1. Now let’s get ready to paaaaarty! WOOT! 😀

  12. Trisha 12 years ago

    WOOHOO! For a min, I thought I missed it *whew*, but YAYS! Can’t wait! 😀

  13. Author

    Also, thank you @urzu1 for making this flyer for me. Thank you to the models @lizardwrestler99 @tbaby and my friend for letting us take these pics for this flyer.

  14. Author

    Flyers have been sent to those who were on my friend’s list. If you didn’t get one, please don’t get discouraged for everyone is welcome! Also, I will be hosting a HALLO-FLASH MOB an hour before the party! If you would like to join me, simply meet me at the club “Club N2”. Hope to see you all there.. in your SCARY wear! 🙂

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